Node Hunter bug

Not sure what’s going on here?

Did you tap the little purple magnifying glass?

That’s the Node Hunter feature.

Yes, of course. The nodes don’t even show up until you hit the node hunter button.

Whether or not the purple traces show up seems to be totally at random.

I have found in this specific village that nodes I have definitely run before are still showing in the node hunter view…see how the red dots are covering the purple lines in the screen shot?

Ugh, I’m sorry, I must have been super distracted - I didn’t even notice there were unfinished nodes on top of tracked runs. :flushed:

I’ll have to look into this a bit. I’ll let you know what I find out.

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Here’s more information.

This is what my Strava heat map shows for reference of what I’ve actually run:

Here’s what node hunter shows for the same area:

Here’s what I see if I drill down on the street in the “incomplete streets” list. (I had clicked on the completed streets tab, but this was still showing from the incomplete list):

Hopefully that’s enough to pinpoint the issue! Is it just a problem with incomplete streets?

Here’s another example, slightly difference case, same city:

This bike path is complete and shows up in the “completed streets” view.

Yet, node hunter still shows uncompleted nodes! (this is a zoom in of above):