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Morning! I completed an 8k run this morning with the purpose of completing a number of streets. The run shows up fine on Strava, but on Citystrides it says: “No map associated with this activity”. As such, I didn’t get any additional streets completed! Can you help? Thanks


Are you logged in while viewing the page?

If you are, and if the activity in Strava has a map, then we can try deleting it and resynching … I’d just need the link to the activity in CityStrides to help you with that.

(If your activity is private, then I might not be able to help you out until Monday because I’m away from my laptop until then.)


Thanks for the quick reply. I am logged in and Strava has a map as well. The activity link is Let me know what will work.


Ok, I deleted the activity here in CityStrides & started a sync for your account … let’s see how that goes! :crossed_fingers:


HI James - I synced another run this morning but now both yesterday’s and today’s activities show no associated map. Should I try deleting them myself and syncing again? Thanks


Not sure it’s related, but all the newest members have zero completed streets ?


Any chance you’ve logged out and back in again since the 15th?
If not, could you try logging out and back in again? I’m wondering if this is tied to Strava’s recent authentication changes are part of this…


Bumping this: Activity here:

“No Map Associated w/ Run”.

I’ve deleted the activity (from CityStrides) and re-synced. I’ve also logged out and logged back in (granted permissions to Strava when authorizing) and re-synced after that, too.


Hey James - checking in again on this. I’ve tried logging out and in again several times but my last two runs are blank in terms of new streets and map.



New member from Strava says no maps to all runs… :frowning:




I think this was an isolated issue with Strava’s API for a short amount of time (maybe on the scale of days). This leaves a bunch of us with activities that don’t have all the geo data, but that’s fixable - I even already have some code in there to fix these up.

The trouble is that their usage limits are quite low, so I can’t just fix all the activities right away. I need to work through them in batches split across 15 minute increments (when their usage stats reset). :grimacing:

I’m going to run through a couple accounts for people who have posted here then ask you to check if that solves the issue. Hopefully we don’t continue to see this happen…

(I don’t know who gets alerts for replies, so I’ll mention the people I’m working on now)
@bjcjapan @hjkiddk @supermitch @steven.44


Success! Thanks James!


Thanks @bjcjapan … let me know if things go sideways again …


Thank you.

Any chance of adding the Clacton on Sea area?




@steven.44 Please add this to the correct thread: the “cities to add” thread: New cities to add