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CityStrides does not seem to be syncing data correctly from my Runkeeper account.

I have logged out of both CityStrides and Runkeeper, and then reconnected them. Unfortunately, CS still only shows my activity data up to Sept 2014. Nothing since Sept 2014 has synched.

Any advice, help, support tips, etc. would be appreciated!



This is you here right?

I checked it out, and I think the reason that those activities aren’t in CityStrides is because they’re Walking activities. Currently, CityStrides only brings in specifically Running activities.

I do plan on bringing Walking activities in. I’ve got this discussion open for planning on how that feature gets implemented. I’d love to have your input over there - answers to the questions I’ve come up with so far, replies to others’ comments, or ideas of your own.

Walking was added to CityStrides! This problem is sorted out now.


Great site, thanks! Just ran into an issue – not sure if it’s related to others. For some reason, none of my runs after June 26th (15 or so) have been uploaded.

Second question. I have run more than 52% of my home city, Charlottesville Virginia. But it doesn’t look like I’m on the leaderboard. Is that still be maintained?


We emailed back and forth a little over the weekend. Sorry, but I didn’t get a chance to look at this. I’m hoping to take a look after work tonight.

That leaderboard list should be up to date. It’s cached, so it should only update once a day, but t should still update … I’ll look into that as well.


I get the following message when trying to sync:

Uh oh.

Something went wrong.

I’m on Twitter & in the Community Site if you need help.


Getting the same sync error message as you this morning. Syncing will not work.


And now it works again. Seems like a spotty problem, but definitely good to note here for the site developers.


*Sort of works. The website now says “Ok, you are syncing now!” but does not update to include latest Strava data.


Looks like sync is down tonight :frowning:


Help!! we are syncing, we are syncing.

What are you singing about?

Well, my sync with Runkeeper and Stava is also not working today.
I will try tomorrow again.


Yeah, I woke up to the alert this morning & started it back up. Things should pick up on their own again.

My server is probably stressing a bit - Runner’s World NL just wrote an article about the site & the community is growing. :grinning:


Hi James, thank you for the reply and congrats with the big fame!


Hi there, first of all: great site! I’m only missing all of my Strava runs. Only my Runkeeper runs are synced with your site. Is something wrong in my settings?

Have fun! Rolf


I think you’ve probably got things working right … My servers have been having a tough time keeping up with the new members who are finding out about CityStrides through a recent Runner’s World NL article.

I can see that you’ve got both Runkeeper & Strava connected - so I think the problem is just my server load. Hopefully everything gets cleared through in the next day or two!


My run was synced this morning but it didn’t record any bagged streets. Help anyone?


Same experience as Mquintal6 here

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There’s an enormous backlog right now from the Runner’s World NL article. I’m hopeful that it’ll get caught up today, but there are still 4+ million jobs to work through.

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I became member last week and synchronised my Strava history. Since then, a few new runs also got uploaded.
But: the last upload was my March 12 run. Since then, no newer runs (2 so far) got uploaded. I see other users’ recent runs getting uploaded, so I doubt this is a general issue.
Am I doing something wrong, or should I be patient and wait for backlogs to complete - i.e. wait a bit longer?


Yeah, it’s a problem on my end. :sweat:
Last week, a lot of people signed up & I’ve been struggling to keep up ever since…
I’m trying to get through the full backlog of work by the weekend, so I hope things will return to normal soon.