Report Synchronization Issues Here


Please report your sync issues here: Individual missing activities, missing backlog (no activities prior to a certain date), etc…

I’m going to use this single thread as a place for you to report any sync issues. I’ll move the post over to Archived Synchronization Issues after I start a sync for your account. That thread will act as a catch-all of all the sync issues we’ve ever had to work through.

I may not reply to your note here - I may start a sync for your account and move your note over to the archive thread. Let me know if you’re re-reporting an issue so I can pay closer attention to it. :smile:

If you are a Strava user: I’ve confirmed some connection issues with the Strava team, which I’m working to fix up. It will help things along if you log out of CityStrides and then log back in. Please be sure to leave the ‘View data about your private activities’ checkbox checked in Strava’s login page. (Logging out/in won’t fix the issue for old activities, but it should make it so new activities are synced over.)

Feb 13th not synced
Feb 13th not synced

my last run is uploaded from strava but shows no completed or progressed streets. All is set to zero although I was running a neighborhood that I barely know. Tried to loout and relogin. Nothing helped. Thanks for your help


@emashiak & @andreas.beglinger … your issues are different, and will require some more research on my part.

One thing that might help is if you look through both list of Streets on the City page (one list for your completed Streets and one list for your incomplete Streets) - do you see any of the streets that should have been listed as complete on your Activity within that ‘completed Streets’ list?
What I’m wondering is if the association on which Activity completed the Street is wrong - like, the Street is still marked as complete but it’s not listed on that Activity.

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February 13th Run did not sync. I use Strava and have logged out and logged back in. The February 13th Run still doesn’t show up.


Same here, feb 13th didn’t sync, strava user. Every day after has synced properly.


Several of my runs did not sync from MMR. Could you resync my account?