New route builder bug

Switched to satellite view to check some terrain while building a long route, and all the lines just disappeared: Lifemap, route in progress, nodes, everything. Gotta start over too :cry:

Additionally, the lifemap lines wouldn’t reappear upon reloading or clearing cache and refreshing…but what worked was logging out and back in (I could still see them on my logged-in phone so I knew it was a local thing).

It sounds like the code that collects & re-adds the data after switching the layer worked in an unexpected order. :slightly_frowning_face:
The fact that your LifeMap wouldn’t return is very odd, and the fact that it required a log out/in is even weirder.

I’ll see if I can enforce some order in there :crossed_fingers:

Yep, never happened to me before! Hopefully a one-off thing but figured I’d report it anyways in case it can help improve.