New: Pause syncing

Amazing, and worked well for me! I’ve paused Strava and started importing my runs through runkeeper. Hope that helps to balance the load.

Nice! I got the Garmin sync in place and the Strava and Runkeeper pause worked. But because of my idiocracy the other day I resumed syncing of Strava, this worked - but I get the “I’m not saying…” when I tried to pause Garmin sync

This is great, Strava and Runkeeper duly paused while I try out the new Garmin connection,

Quick question, if I were to un-pause one of the other services fr any reason would it then re-import all of the data I have missed between now and then?

I assume so. I don’t intend too but it would be useful if you could set a from today setting if I do un-pause again.

I’m sure its a trivial issue for most o your users so not a priority but just trying to understand.

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@howling0_strava CityStrides will not re-import the activities that occur between pausing and un-pausing a service, regardless of which service that is.

Also, if you have multiple services that are un-paused, activities will come in multiple times, but new street completions will only count on one of those activities.

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Thanks Dave, That’s good, so you don’t get the importing of old activities that have not been synced before except on the first time you set up a new service. (except Garmin as that is not set up yet)

Good to know,

I was aware of the multiple instances of an activity from multiple services.


Cool idea!!!

Also I have a missing Strava activity. It’s in the queue, but I’ve paused Strava syncing…will it still come through? Or do I have to unpause Strava syncing until comes into CS and then repause?

Yeah, unpause … wait for the activity to arrive in CityStrides … re-pause.

Pausing works by exiting the job early if the connection is paused. This allows someone with hundreds of queued activities to pause Strava syncing & have all of those queued jobs go away quickly.

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I’m getting the " I’m not saying it never existed." error when I try and unpause. I currently have both Strava and Mapmyrun paused, and get the error when I try and unpause either.

[Edited because I fixed my syncing issue, so not an urgent problem for me at all]

I removed my Strava account after activating and importing my MapMyRun account. Now my lifemap appears accurate and all the data that was still pending in Strava has synced through MapMyRun. Now my completed street count is wrong. I went from over 400 completed streets to 157. Is there a way to fix this? Also I’m not at all tech savvy so I can’t figure out how to copy the link to my profile on CityStrides.
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Heather Panagopoulos

@heather.panagopoulos by “removed my Strava account”, do you mean that you paused it or deactivated it? Hopefully you paused it and it’s some other issue that has affected the street count. Unfortunately if you deactivated it, all the Strava activities and progress will have been deleted, as highlighted in this post:

I can see that you’re also connected through Garmin- while the historical sync hasn’t been developed for that yet, it is in progress, so stay tuned for that too! Either way don’t worry too much, your data still exists in your source system, so will be possible to re-load a few different ways if needed.

With respect to the user URL, there are a few ways to share a link to your Striding progress (and those super dark purple lines in Pleasanton and Livermore!!)

  1. This URL will link to your LifeMap:
  2. This URL will link to your profile:
  3. In general, you can search users at this page:

I did deactivate it because I still had over 200 runs that were not importing. I connected to MapMyRun and everything imported in a matter of about 2 hours! But then I had double of over 170 runs. Livermore was at 12% when looking at completed streets. But now that I revoked Strava the life map is correct but the street count and completed streets is way off.

If you reconnected Strava to CC they will start to import, it’ll take a while but it’ll get done. I inadvertently disconnected a couple weeks ago and I think I am finally close to have all streets reimported ~1500 streets

If I understand the issue, the lifemap being correct may be just due to old data still be inadvertently displayed. If you log out and quit your browser and log in again it may update to reflect just the MapMyRun activities. May additionally require clearing your cache/cookies.

Are all the runs you have in Strava also in MapMyRun, or just a subset?

Looks like signing out and clearing my cache fixed the issue of having the Strava data still showing. It is now gone. However the MapMyRun street count is still off. The lifemap shows the streets as completed and the run shows up in the profile but most of them say 0 streets completed. I’m hoping it will correct overnight

I revoked all my accesses and cleared my cache. Is there a way to clear the lifemap? I would like to start all over with just my Garmin data. Starva and MapMyRun where both not complete. Now that Garmin historical data is available I would prefer to only display Garmin data. With integrating all three apps my lifemap has several triplicate runs but the street count was low and didn’t match. It was making me crazy. Thank you!

I think if the goal is to remove all previous runs, you go to strava and MMF and revoke access from their side. It is set up (for privacy reasons) that when your revoke access, CS sees that and takes it all away.

If you haven’t done it yet, you might not want to hit the garmin full account sync button until after all the other activities are no longer showing on your account. My understanding is that it will not create an activity from Garmin on CS if an activity already exists on your account (from another service like Strava or MMF)

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Love CityStrides! Thanks for a cool tool!
I would like the Strava sync feature improved further.

Due to past tracking issues have I started to record walk activities using both my Apple Watch and the Strava mobile app. I upload both to Strava (the second one after exporting and deleting the first one while having the activity page open for comparison).

Currently, I can either have automatic syncing on, and then having to delete the bogus activities manually, and since deleting activities from CityStrides seem to still be bugged/take a long time if it happens at all, am I currently disabling and then re-enabling syncing until I’ve uploaded the “final activity” to Strava.

This is tedious… it should be possible to disable automatic sync without disabling the connection to Strava all-together (so I can manually sync the activity afterwards).

To summarize: Make it possible to pause syncing while keeping the “Sync Single Strava Activity” feature open.

Does that make sense?

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I also would love to see a possibility like @marius.flugsrud says here for the exact same reason. But I will share my work-around:

I also fix the GPS trace on my wildly-off activities, and was having to delete/reupload/resync from Garmin. Recently I started training with TrainingPeaks which also pulls my Garmin data, so I don’t want to be filling it up with superfluous activities, and same for my Strava. So what I did was disable all of these services and create a Runkeeper account just for CityStrides, since I don’t use Runkeeper otherwise - and critically, I did not connect my Garmin to Runkeeper. Now, I simply export from Garmin, fix my gpx, upload to Runkeeper, and then do ‘sync now’ on CityStrides. It works pretty well, although there does seem to be some delay on activities appearing on my LifeMap even after they are processed, but they do eventually show up.