Idea for selective syncing

@JamesChevalier I am new to this group, and have seen how crazy your demand is. I almost feel bad for joining now! however you have an amazing service, and I hope to be a long time user!

I am wondering if there is some way, or thoughts toward the ability to personally manage your imports. I am a strava user and have activities dating back to 2014. Eventually Id like to import all of these, but during this time of major influx I wish I could pause the pull of the many activities, and prioritize the runs in the last few weeks when i took on the run your city challenge. I noticed you can now see what activities are queued, wondering if you would be interested in looking into adding a pause feature in that list?


Welcome to the forums, and to CityStrides.

Don’t feel bad for joining, it is great to have more people hanging around. :slight_smile:

If Strava is your best way to get activities in, you are in luck - your recent activities are already prioritized over your historic import as that is the way the sync queue is set up.

Even with that system prioritization, your new activities will take a bit to show up. Being a supporter helps with the time before you see it on CS even more.

There is a new Pause Feature available, but it is still a bit unclear to me how it works with the already-queued activities (both recent and historic.)

I know once things are current for you, it will be possible to pause your account, then upause it before you do a run you want imported and then re-pause it after to do the selective uploading you talk about.

@jpbari, Do you recall/know if you pause, will CS be aware of the activities that occurred during the pause, and continue to omit? Or when one un-pauses, will CS pick up all new activities during pause?

Don’t recall if I ever read that. Thanks

PS. Only used the feature once, to turn if off, for Garmin sync’ing.

As I understand it, any activities performed during the pause will be ignored, and when you un-pause, they don’t show back up. Sort of like missing your stop on the subway - once it is past you are out of luck :wink:

So for those looking to selectively upload, you can leave it paused, I would then unpause before you set off on the run you want to hit your CS account, then re-pause it once you know that activity is synced.

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Thank you @jpbari!

I like your analogy.

In my mind, I was thinking pause, like on a DVD. When you hit play, it picks up where it left off. :slight_smile:

Is this essentially the same as this: ?

@ericjrw Looks like they are essentially the same. I missed this before posting the new idea. I think the major difference is that this suggests a pause on the queue sync that would then pick up the queue list as it was was the pause was done, which the other suggestion doesn’t request or require. I think implementation of either would cover the other.

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