Strava syncing issues

My strava has not been syncing with city strides. Last sync was april 12. Missing runs from April 14, 16, 19, 20, and 22nd. Please help

Welcome to the forums, Gina!

I’m just a CS enthusiast like you, but i agree it is a bummer when runs don’t come in like expected.

Unfortunately, there is an ENORMOUS backlog of activities from Strava waiting to come in, and Strava puts CS under a very hard cap of how many daily activities can be synchronized. One day last week there were 11k new subscriber/supporter activities waiting to be imported, and including historical sync there were 433k activities waiting. Strava only allows 15k per day.

The new Garmin sync should help. It is open to supporters only at this point, but once it is proven I think the plan is to make it open to all CS users, so anyone who can switch should.

If Strava is where you are the only thing we can do as end-users is be patient.


Hi there.
I’m brand new to CS as of today. Want to run all the streets in my city while training (again) for Boston. I did a quick Google search on ways to track and found CS. I just took a quick walk that uploaded to Strava but I’m not seeing it on CS. I suspect that this is the same issue as Gina is having? It’s not whether I’m a supporter or not (I’m not - not yet anyway), correct? Strava limit?
I have a Garmin watch. If I donate some money will I be able to utilize CS with Garmin?

Funny, I became a city strides supporter and all my runs miraculously come through the same day now. :thinking::woman_shrugging:t3:

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@chrismarino2020, just wanted to close the loop- I addressed some of the questions you asked about here in the other thread you posted in: Inconsistent Syncing Issues

The one additional question here is regarding Strava. If you haven’t paused Strava (New Pause Syncing), your activities will load, they will just take some time given ongoing backlogs. The New Garmin Integration is already helping reduce the Strava load, but a lag still remains.

Got it. Strava syncing is not paused. I uploaded a couple runs from Strava to the queue and I can see them in the backlog.

I just signed on as a supporter with a $20 “donation.” Now under “Available Trackers” I see Garmin as an option. However when I click on Connect I receive an error message. I confirmed my login and password are correct by logging directly into my Garmin Connect Account. Do you guys know why? Is this a beta that’s only open to a certain number of users?

Thanks again for the help!

garmin error

Oh! Briliant!
(not the error, the fact that I can follow up on it)

Can you try again?
I recently updated some code that tries to be better about getting the User ID from Garmin. There’s a really weird bug on their end where sometimes a person will authenticate between CityStrides & Garmin, and the User ID value won’t be available to me by the time they come back to CityStrides. I changed some code to make it wait a second and then retry, but I think I made a mistake with that.

Seems to be working just fine now. In fact it didn’t even prompt me to re-enter my Garmin login info.

Do I need to pause Strava synching now that I am connected to Garmin synching?garmin 3

If you pause, any Strava activities you have in the queue will be skipped. So if you want to wait for those, you can. I am working on Garmin history syncing, though, so it’s not like you’ll lose out on those activities forever even if they are skipped now.

I’d prefer that you pause Strava, so that none of your activities count towards their API limit. My goal is to get anyone who can use Garmin to pause their other services and only use Garmin.

I paused Strava synching.

Question about Garmin history synching. Does that mean going back for all time, all activities in Garmin? Asking as I’d like to just have activities synch beginning now and not going back for all of time.

My intention was to treat Garmin like all the other trackers & sync the full history.
A couple people have mentioned not wanting their full history, so I’ll probably start a thread at some point so I can better understand the reasoning.

My reasoning is wanting to run all the streets of my town during my (Re)training for Boston in Sept. I want to start from square one, so-to-speak, during this training cycle.

I notice that the backlog is slowly disappearing, which is good news. I also notice that some of my activities are showing up. I sort of expected my backlog of activities to be processed in chronological order. My run of last night is already visible, where many runs between April 14th and April 28th are not yet visible. Is my ‘chronological’ assumption a wrong and do I just have to wait somewhat longer (which is totally fine), or am I missing activities?


I think James has the activity sync set up in a way that tries to be more efficient rather than chronological. I am just a user who spends too much time on the forums :slight_smile: but I seem to remember some posts about things kind of just being there in their priority pools and whichever bubbles to the top at the “right time” when API calls are available are what get synced.

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Yeah I use Sidekiq and it has multiple processes each with multiple threads, all looking at particular queues. So I might have 50 individual threads all looking at the same queue, taking the first thing off it.

I also re-schedule sync jobs when I hit limits, setting their next run time to a minute after the next rollover (I can’t recall offhand if I schedule it at the next rollover, or one minute after that). This kind of messes up the exact order, because anything in the sync queue gets rescheduled at the same time as every other sync job. It’s expensive to retrieve “the last scheduled time for the sync jobs”, so I can’t maintain order that way.

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