Inconsistent Syncing Issues

My activities do not appear to be syncing on a regular basis and looking at my profile there are many activities missing. I checked yesterday and on the status it said there were still activities to sync but that now shows as zero however they still do not show within my profile and the life map is not updating. Strangely my profile picture has also disappeared and shows as a broken link.

Having read through some threads I have tried to link my Garmin account but do not see that option within my settings page so I am unable to try that option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I just spent the past 2 days do my best to progress on streets completed and so far it seems all for nothing :frowning:

Hi Kevin. Welcome to the CS forums.

As you probably noticed in your looking about the forums, a lot has been going on with sync issues lately.

The root cause is Strava has hard limits on how many activities CityStrides can sync per day and with a recent tidal wave of new sign-ups, the allocations they allow are no where near enough.

The best thing I can suggest is patience. The newly release direct Garmin sync (for supporting members only in this initial rollout) should take some load off of strava, but since it is less than 24hrs into the release, how much is yet to be seen.

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Thanks for your response, having read through a little more I decided to become a supporter to see what additional features are available and to see if it resolved my syncing issues. I now have all my activities sync’d however now my life map is no longer showing anything and I am just hoping this will regenerate in time so patience is most definitely the watch word today.


Hi Kevin. Have you found it valuable to be a supporter? I literally just discovered CS today and I’m wondering if it’s worth supporting? Also, seeing that Garmin is now a way to import. Do you use Garmin? Did being a support help with the importing of activities?

Hi @chrismarino2020, and welcome to CityStrides! I’ll let @stone.kev answer separately, but thought I could throw in my two cents as a supporter of the site, and an other enthusiast like you.

Check out this Wiki, which explains everything About Becoming a Supporter. I have certainly found the benefits transformational in how I train, run, and cover my city streets.

I use Garmin, and being a supporter got access to the new integration as decribed in this announcement. It’s taken the loading time from multiple days to being instantaneous.

Sorry, I have not yet fixed this :poop: experience.
When you become a supporter, the advanced LifeMap is enabled. That needs to be built, though. This can take a few seconds or up to 45mins (depending on how many activities you have). So in that amount of time, the LifeMap is blank (instead of falling back to the original).
I’ve just been so slammed with other stuff that I haven’t been able to fix this yet. :frowning_face:

sadly i’ve been having this issue for a while and the last few weeks has been even worst…ill give up on city strides, but hopefully when covid-19 ends and non-runners stop using strava maybe it will get better

Hi Chris

Difficult to say as I have only been a supporter for a week and have only done the one time contribution at this point to decide if it is worth subscribing too on a monthly basis. However in the terms of syncing, if like me you like things done quickly and don’t like to wait then Garmin syncing is super quick by comparison.

I think, having been on City Strides for some time but only just starting to experience the syncing issues as it becomes more popular (most likely due to Covid-19 restrictions) it was very frustrating to not see my life map updating as it has always done on the same day and with having to run more local than I would usually do the temptation to go and collect streets is the one thing that is keeping me going out the door every day. Being a supporter helps keep that motivation going when I see my completion percentages increase meaning I can wind my running buddies up as they fall behind so for now I am happy to part with a few quid to enhance the experience, I mean to be fair it isn’t much you need to part with each month for that luxury. The only thing that vexes me now is that my profile picture still won’t sync back and maybe will not do as I now have Strava sync paused so I’ll just have to wait for the option to upload one direct to my City Strides account rather than use the Strava one is developed but I can live with that for now.

All in all I think I will most likely continue to support, I like having the weather data on the run, the idea of the Re-Run option is good but could use some work, looks similar to Relive but there are a pair of running shoes moving along the route :grin:

If I am honest I think the answer to your question will entirely depend on what you want to use the site for, why not do a one time donation for a month and try it and see, you might decide it isn’t worth the outlay but at least you will have tried and given something back to James for all his hard work.

Hi James

It’s all good, checked the following day and it was all there waiting for me, appreciate all the hard work you put into the site, I love it :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the feedback. I actually did become a supporter the other day with a one time $20 donation. I went for a run this morning and it synched up nicely shortly after.

I’m training (again) for the Boston Marathon and hope to use the site to run all the street in my town. That’s my plan for now anyway.


Hi - Love the site. I started with Strava connection then switched to Garmin last week. Yesterday had a run with two weird errors. First, on a straight street where I ran right down the middle of the street, the map shows the line swerving off the road and essentially through a bunch of houses. So much so that it counted the street as Progressed and not Completed. The map is off on Garmin Connect, Strava, and CS so I guess it’s a basic GPS read error. Is there a way to show that street complete? It’s Kings Forest Lane on this run: CityStrides
Also, the same run shows up on my Profile but it’s not pulling through to my LifeMap or to the city I’m trying to complete. It’s been less than 24 hrs so maybe there is a synch problem that will catch up.

Yeah, sounds like it

There should be a button to mark the street as manually completed on the street page

Activities should appear on the LifeMap pretty quickly. If you’re a supporter, check out the Status page to see if there’s a LifeMap generation delay.
The LifeMap and the map displayed on the city pages are both the same - if it’s broken in one page it’ll be broken in the other.

Got it, thanks. Just synch’d with a run from today and everything is caught up.