New member - left overnight and no syncing

I’m really sorry but very confused. :confused:
I joined up yesterday evening and realised it would take a while for Strava to sync due to how busy you are.
I’ve come back today (22hrs later) and my account is showing absolutely nothing. I think I’ve correctly connected (as it’s imported my profile pic!) but I’m not sure.
I looked at the status and it seems to suggest that there’s not many issues.

Any help gratefully received, thanks :slight_smile:

@JamesChevalier addressed the problem in this post

As he said, he will be creating a post for you to re-submit your account for processing.

He’ll actually probably move this post into another post to consolidate them.

Thanks for that! New and trying to work out if I’d messed up :upside_down_face: it wouldn’t be the first time :slight_smile:

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