Activities not Synching

I’m not sure if I am reporting missing runs correctly. I have not seen any Strava runs for 4 days show up on my City strides. They show up on Strava but not on my life map or profile. I also don’t know if I should expect a response or not. This is all relatively new to me.

I appreciate anything you can do and am sorry if I am doing this wrong. Thank you!!

I’ve been having the same problems for about a week now. I believe Strava automatically syncs over to city strides but they’ve been having some problems lately. I believe the dude that owns this site is named James and he is aware of the problems. In the past it would take at most a few hours for a run to sync over from Strava. I’m hoping we can get back to that point soon.

Yeah it’s a mess right now because of a LOT of new signups. There’s some visibility into the status of things here: CityStrides

Please have patience, all your activities will eventually make it into the site.

Usually I can see my activities scheduled for import/sync but it currently shows me none on the status page. I’m only missing today’s run but usually I can at least tell it’s in the queue…shows nothing right now

Yeah I screwed up gooooooooooooooood this evening.
:grimacing: :sweat:
I intended to move a bunch of jobs from one place to another, but only succeeded in deleting them.
I’ll be cleaning up the sync support requests here, and making a new post for people to post into that need a sync.

I’ll put your account down on my list. Sorry!


I’m user 7875, not seeing today’s run in status, maybe in the deleted batch

@JamesChevalier I’ve noticed I’m way behind too. Strava has the data, do you need anything else from me? I think my deleted activities are the ones below.

My last two pertinent Strava entries are: (on 3/29 missing on CS) (on 3/27 present on CS, but not processed)

PS. Was not sure if there was a link in your post to add missing activities, so I added here.

Thank you

Hi, am a new user and have only had some activities imported, plus am missing my latest ones.
Would be grand if you could plop me on the list to have the sync completed. Cheers

Hi, mine has been perfect up until 25 March but nothing since then. Runs for 28, 29 and 30 March have all loaded to Strava but not here.

Hoping your fixes work.

I have a similar problem with recent runs - assume they were some of those deleted @JamesChevalier.

Was fine till 25 March but 26, 27, 29 and 30 March runs all appeared at one point on status page but then vanished. 28 March slipped through the net it looks like.

Hi @JamesChevalier . I love the new format of the site. I saw my activity was in the queue to be synced but it didn’t make it to the profile / map. It is strava activity Log In | Strava. I would appreciate it could be added to the queue. Thanks for all the hard work.

Hi, I too had two runs in the Strava queue (3/27 and 3/30), that don’t seem to be there any more and haven’t shown up on City Strides. Thanks!

I’ve also lost two runs from the sync-queue now, so please put me down on the list if you have one :slight_smile: user : 11286

Hi there!

I also still miss a few activities from the last days. The only relevant one is from last sunday:

Is it possible to add this one to the list?

Greets, user 8348

Yep, mine appeared on the status page but are no longer there but aren’t showing as uploaded recent activities or on my LifeMap either. So far I can remember where I haven’t been so as not to repeat them - I think. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for all your hard work on recovering the data from Strava. My activities from the 28th March onward are missing. I’m user 15052.

I noticed the same thing. A run from Saturday and yesterday disappeared from the status page and are no longer importing. Anything I can do to resync those? I’m user 6903 and the runs are:


James, I noticed that I’m missing 4 runs. Can you please add them to your list to import. thank you.

I am missing 1 run due tot his sync issue on 2020-Mar-28:

Thank you.

Please add me to the list as well. Looks like my activities on March 26, 27, 29. and 30 may have been deleted