New city added - not showing my completions

A city that I have been working on “Castro Valley” was finally added! However, even though I have competed 3/4 of the streets it’s not showing up in my cities and I don’t show up under the citiy’s striders. Does something need to occur to register all these streets as complete? Help me please…

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Odd that you weren’t picked up by the code that found everyone else… I’ll take a look as soon as I can - hopefully this weekend, but it depends on my schedule.

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Yes and some people that are showing don’t have any streets in Castro valley or 1 street.

A bunch are from Europe or elsewhere overseas. Very strange.

It shows that I have streets progressed but not completed when I look at the individual activities in my profile…, despite that the nodes are all changed to blue. :thinking:.

Oh and they are light blue nodes rather than purple like everywhere else. Is that a hint?

Can you confirm you are still logged in on CityStrides website? You may have your account bookmarked in browser to get to quickly but the blue nodes are a clue. When logged in and viewing a progressed street, the completed nodes should appear as purple & the incomplete nodes as red. Blue nodes usually represent viewing a city you haven’t started or not being logged in.
Note: Above is based off troubleshooting similar support topics before James’ recent announcement of new changes so it may or may not still be the case but would be good to confirm just in case.

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Yes I have logged out and logged back in multiple times.

I have never seen blue before. My Castro Valley is almost complete and yet none of the activities show completed streets despite them being very obviously completed.

This same problem is happening to multiple people.

Previously (yesterday) I had the same problem with newly added Kensington,CA but then this morning it showed up correctly as one of my cities and no more blue nodes so maybe it just takes time.

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Perhaps you can rebuild my life map? I did an activity today in Castro valley so now it shows the 3 streets I completed today and the streets that have been manually completed because they are In gated and inaccessible streets. It does not show any of the prior completed streets. It says I have only completed 12 streets. Maybe a reload will fix it?

Yeah, I’m running a process that re-checks all your activities now. Then I have to run another one that sets your completed streets, so there will be some time where stuff looks progressed even though it’s complete.

Some helpful info (for @kepetit and @Marty as well)…

  • Nodes are blue for cities you’re not running in (and, therefore, anyone who’s not signed in)
  • A city isn’t placed in your list until you’ve completed at least one street in it
  • It looks like there can be processing issues when I bulk add cities

I think I’ve painted myself into a corner for new cities - it isn’t calculating completed streets because the city hasn’t been added to anyone’s list … because there aren’t any completed streets. :sweat_smile:
Well, this helps give me an idea of what’s going on anyway…


Since Citystrides added Kensington, CA to its city list, I’ve completed 10 streets and they appear on the map and on the ‘completed’ list. However previously completed streets in Kensington on my LifeMap failed to register as ‘completed’ but do show up as lines on the Kensington map. How do I get credit?
Here is a link to my profile: Barbara Petit - CityStrides

I think I have to run a job for all these newly added cities. I’m testing my idea with your account - it should take about an hour for your progress to be fully calculated, if it’s what I think it is.

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Great! Thanks for all your work on this. I and several others in this thread are addicted! :laughing:

IT WORKED!! Thanks!

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