Updates on October 21, 2021 (Release 426)

I’ve been trudging along on some projects and upgrades, and haven’t been actively posting releases for a little while. This list is a collection of things that have been released at some point between September 1st and today.

A lot of my recent efforts have gone into upgrades that won’t quite be visible to you just yet. If you notice a spinning purple circle in some areas of the site, that’s a part of it. My intentions with that are to make the overall site faster, so if it’s causing issues somehow please do let me know in #support .

A big update on the OpenStreetMap side of things is that I’ve figured out a way to reduce the requirements on which cities can/cannot be imported into CityStrides. It should mean that I’ll be able to import the smaller or unincorporated areas that I haven’t been able to reach yet.

  • :globe_with_meridians: updated the street query in a way that should loosen the restrictions I had on which cities I could import from OpenStreetMap
  • :rocket: reworked some page loading so some content areas load asynchronously
  • :rocket: various speed improvements
  • :paintbrush: only show the non-nested-city count of progressed/completed streets on activity displays
  • :paintbrush: allow show/hide of LifeMap on Route pages
  • :bug: fix an issue where the LifeMap would not display sometimes
  • :bug: reduce the amount of city progress notifications
  • :bug: fix for city progress notifications
  • :sob: I had to disable the Leaderboard while I work on some serious performance issues in there
  • :nerd_face: drop IE11 support
  • :nerd_face: package updates