My map isn't updating

Hi, my map stopped updating. I tried strava and runkeeper and still nothing. Can you help me, please?

If you share your profile link I can take a look.

Alright, your account is private so I won’t be able to tell if my efforts have helped. I did start a LifeMap rebuild for you, and there’s a ~10 minute delay right now for that. So I’d expect it to be visibly rebuilt in ~20-30mins.

Just in case, though, you’re specifically referring to just your map right? All of the activities you expect to have in CityStrides are present in your list of activities?
I ask because missing data in the site and data not being displayed properly are completely different issues.

I have noticed over the last few weeks that while some activities instantly appears on the map, others will not show for days. Not sure if it is triggered by the next activity or just shows up randomly later, but for me they all show up eventually. All times this happend to me, it was the second activity of the day (warmup/workout two seperate activities). Might be coincidental.

All activitis always showed in the list on sites and streets were marked completed

Not sure this is the same issue though, but worth mentioning anyway

Some of the activities are on the list of activities and not on the map. However, there was one that wasn’t on the life of activities either.
Now everything seems to work just fine. Thank you :slight_smile:

The issue came back. It’s on the list of activities - when I click on it there, it shows a trace on the map. But at the same time it shows that I have 0 completed and 0 progressed and it’s not displayed on the actual map.

I’m moving us back here from the chat, which roughly starts here in case I need to reference it again later:

Hi, it's me again. I'm on the verge of giving up. I'm using only runkeeper now, I synced my activities, nothing. I used single sync with links, nothing. No activities on my map.

Also, for my reference & to be able to fully resolve this, I’ll need your profile link. I did a search for your name and came up with three separate accounts:

So … There’s a lot going on here.

I’m guessing that the runkeepr/mapmyfitness account is your expected account, because it is/was a supporter. This probably means that you logged in separately via Strava on two separate occasions and also likely means that you’ve accidentally created two separate Strava accounts.

Step 1

Determine which Strava account is correct:

Step 2

Using How do I fix accidentally creating two accounts at the same tracking service? as a guide, very carefully remove the incorrect Strava account.

Step 3

Let me know when you’re done with that.
I can merge the lingering Strava-connected account into your existing Runkeeper/MapMyFitness connected accounts … so that you can log in via either service & go to the same CityStrides account.

Step 4

I can finally review the LifeMap issues with your known good single account.

Thanks for responding.
So - my default account will be the one with runkeeper.
I deleted all my strava accounts.

With the other accounts removed, this is the only account I see for you - Judyta Rudnicka - CityStrides - and I just ran the process to update the LifeMap for it.
I’d expect that to include all relevant activities now. Your account is private, so I cannot confirm for myself.

Some of this is confusing - at the start of the thread, it sounded like just some new activities were missing from your LifeMap … but later on (pulled from the chat) it sounds like none of your activities were shown on your LifeMap.

Just in case, I’d also like to have you look to the top right corner of the page and make sure it doesn’t say “Sign In Sign Up” and instead has a menu which includes entires like Profile etc. If you do see “Sign In Sign Up” try following one of those links and logging in via Runkeeper. Apologies if this is extremely basic for you - I have to cover a wide range of technical capabilities :sweat_smile:

I see sign in/ sign up, yes :smiley:
The confusion is the result of some things I did:

  1. At the beginning new activities weren’t on the map.
  2. I saw that I have two strava accounts connected so I deleted one of them. Of course it was the wrong one…
  3. Fortunately I saved the activities so I uploaded them to runkeeper and I also connected my suunto app to runkeeper and exported the activities. So some of them are visible on the map and the others are not.
  4. Now I register new activities only via runkeeper and I don’t see them on the map.
    I hope that is clear now :slight_smile:

I’ve just checked and unfortunately there are no changes. Still some old activities are not on the map and the ones since May 26th are not there at all. I change my settings into public so you can take a look.

OK, since your account is private & you’re currently not logged into CityStrides I expect signing in via Runkeeper will sort this out for you.

Follow either of those Sign In or Sign Up links, then click the button to log in via Runkeeper. That’ll bring you to your profile page & you’ll be able to visit your LifeMap from there (it’s the ‘folded map’ looking icon next to your name, or “LifeMap” in the top right menu).

I think I know what the issue is. I’ll let you know when I confirm it.