Missing queued Strava activities still missing

I did a run in 2011 where had a GPS glitch which gave a straight line on the trace and so wanted to get rid of it on my Life Map. So I split the run in Strava into two to remove it, deleted the run here (which was actually sourced from a sync to MapMyRun) and queued up https://www.strava.com/activities/39320867 and https://www.strava.com/activities/3680702754 to replace it. One of them would actually give me more nodes! Anyway, despite having tried a few times, still no sign of them. Previously if you queued the same run twice it said so but it did not here so not sure if just going down a hole? I did have other runs earlier that day being a warm up and a 10K so the ones in question were an effective warm down. I was marathon training at the time and 10K not long enough!

How’s it looking now?

I got it to work the other day seemingly after resuming Strava syncing again. Does that need to be on to just sync the odd activity?

Hopefully I’m understanding you correctly…

If you want to do a single-activity sync then the service must not be paused.
During the time that the service is not paused, other newly created activities will be synced through that service.

Ah OK.
I only had Garmin on but I would much rather use Strava as that is my definitive training log and would be very useful for segment lookups and stuff.

I assume a full Strava sync since 2004 isn’t likely to be work though? I would need to delete all the ones imported by copying Strava to MapMyRun and importing those.

I guess, for new runs, Garmin will nearly always “beat” Strava so having Strava on will just get blocked by your duplicate detectiob or does that count to our API allowance so not great to be on even so?

Strava recently increased the rate limit for CityStrides, so some of the troubles you’ve had in the past may no longer exist. I’m replying here from the perspective of the situation today, which is quite good/usable - it may not align with your past experiences, so apologies for any confusion.

How do you track your activity? If you track with Garmin & send the data to Strava for social/other reasons, then it’s likely better to go with the Garmin connection going forward.

I’m not sure how segments play any role in CityStrides. What does that look like?

If your Strava connection is not paused in CityStrides, then that full history sync should work.

I don’t know what this means. You shouldn’t need to copy anything to MapMyRun - it should sync fine from Strava.

I haven’t run any benchmarks, but I would expect those activities to arrive in CityStrides faster since they wouldn’t need to make the trip through Strava’s ecosystem.

Yeah, the start time will match & the activity will be skipped

Yeah, even though it would not import the Strava data into CityStrides (because of the start time match) it would take up API calls to figure that out.

Ok I would need to delete my MapMyRun connection and then it would remove those activities then could try a Strava sync

For segments I mean I could look at my life map of somewhere about to run and see what segments I did last time by pulling up the Strava activity.

Some days I don’t tend to dash up dead ends not been up before :slight_smile:

OK I now am sure if can remove all the runs I imported via MapMyRun and reimport through Strava?

You could - you’re correct about how that all works - I’m just not understanding why you would want to do that.

I’m not understanding what’s wrong with the activities as they exist in CityStrides now. Help me understand why it’s a problem that they originated from MapMyRun instead of Strava.

If you could delete my MapMyRum one then please.

My other “thing” is chasing segment CRs so my LifeMap here is a good way of looking up what is available in a region or that I need to improve on plus just a general good way of indexing my Strava runs graphically as your heat map is way better.

I’m still trying to understand your goals & why the source of the activity matters. Can you explain that a bit more?

(To delete the data from a service here in CityStrides, you have to revoke access from within that service - usually in their settings page)

Well on the LifeMap if I click into a run it allows me to click straight through to it on Strava where I would have named the activity rather than just used the default, may have got comments and kudos and can see all the metrics I am interested in on Strava.

For instance tonight I was “busy” few miles away filling in ones I had missed previously and so and described it as such on

PS MapMyRun does not seem to mention CS on its " CONNECT ACCOUNTS & DEVICES" page

The only one I have showing as connected is Garmin.

Ah! I think I get it now - there’s a low-friction jump from the LifeMap to the activity in its originating service & there’s either more or different information in that service than there is in CityStrides.
Thank you for helping me understand that!

:thinking: this makes me wonder if I should change the “click the activity in the LifeMap to view it in CityStrides” to “click the activity in the LifeMap to open a small popup which lets you go to that activity either here or in its service”
And if I do that, I can probably add some extra info to that popup like number of streets completed or something
This is starting to look like an #ideas post :smiley:

yeah just that really. I like to think all these run logging services compliment each other and if they are fully integrated then CS sort of becomes like an optional extra to it.

I have got GPS runs back to 2004 when got the very first Garmin Forerunner 201 so ways of delving into 16 years of running by different means very useful.

I never use MapMyRun on its own. At the time it seemed the only way to get my full history here.

So as I can’t seem to “disconnect” CS to MapMyRun myself, can you do it for me please?

If I also disconnect Garmin (think I can do that) then Strava should have a free rein. That said, how does it and/or CS know to start synching the full history again? There isn’t a sync history button like for Garmin?

So I disconnected from Garmin and a “Sync Now” seems to be backfilling them from Strava. Good.

I also deleted my MapMyRun account (as don’t use it) thinking that might force a disconnect here but does not seem to have done yet?

So getting a little impatient, I recreated my MapMyRun account thinking that an empty account would force delete here on sync with it.

However what has happened is that have now got 2 MapMyRun connections - the old and the new one as MapMyFitness shows up twice on my profile page https://citystrides.com/users/15017

The old account MapMyRun account http://www.mapmyfitness.com/profile/76546641/ does not exist as when I click through to it, has gone as expected.

OK seem to have got in a bit of a tangle with MapMyFitness as now got 2 accounts linked but one is my deleted account http://www.mapmyfitness.com/profile/76546641/ and the other is my recreated account MapMyFitness but neither now contain any accessible runs.

Also in MapMyFitness (or Run!) I can see CS in connected apps but if you revoke access there, nothing happens and it just remains. So on MapMyRun

Then click Revoke Access and yes

However it still remains shown there and nothing changes in CS as far as I can see.

Can you clear both those connections your end so hence delete all those runs sourced from MapMyRun so I can reupload from Strava please.

Sorry for the trouble!


I was able to start the process of deleting one of your MapMyRun connections, but CityStrides still has access to this one MapMyFitness
Can you recheck that account to make sure access was revoked in MMR settings?