Merging two accounts

I’m new here and looks like I have created 2 accounts:

CityStrides 533 complete streets in Brisbane (Strava)
Steve_A - CityStrides 9 complete streets in Brisbane (Garmin, and the paid supporter account)

I suspect I need my accounts to be linked together please, and then I’ll just use the 20514 garmin one???


Yeah, I can merge these accounts. After I do this, please pause syncing on your Strava account (in your CityStrides settings page).

Background info:

This happens if you log into CityStrides separately with two different services. Each login creates a new CityStrides user.

If you have a CityStrides account and want to add a connection to it, you would log in with your existing service … visit the settings page … connect the other service from there. This would add the other service to your existing CityStrides account.
After doing that, you would be able to log into CityStrides with either service.

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yes please, and that seems logical now, but at the time it wasn’t obvious i was creating a second user when i signed in with Garmin once you announced that integration.

This should be done now :+1: