Merging Accounts

I’ve had several RunKeeper runs that do not save my route even though the gps signal was strong. So, I’m switching to Strava. I’m having more troubles with RK with exporting history - there are big gaps that I have not been able to import into Strava. I didn’t realize that logging in to CS from Strava would create a separate account. I’d really like to merge these accounts.

I see three accounts for you:

I cannot solve your issue of multiple Runkeeper accounts for you. You have to do that yourself, but this post may help you: How do I fix accidentally creating two accounts at the same tracking service?

I’ll merge your data into the Roger Bradshaw - CityStrides account (this process is running now), because that has the Supporter status attached to it.

Thank you so much for this incredible support. I’ll take a look at your suggestion for how to fix my RK problem, but I’m not that concerned. My CS route history looks really good now!!

I’m sorry, I messed up as well… Could you please merge my two accounts (Markus Wahl and Markus SW) as well? Thank you so much in advance!


I need you to supply links to both profiles, because I cannot find both users by searching on your provided info