MapMyFitness Missing Activity Processing

Hello. I have some runs that have synced from MapMyFitness from Saturday (4/18) that hasn’t processed any streets or lifemap. I know most of my runs included some new streets/nodes that I haven’t completed until that run and wondering if there has been issues on that side. I know MapMyFitness has been up and down the last few days just curious if that has been the issues. Let me know if there is anything else I need to do or fix. Thanks.

MapMyFitness syncing stopped working for me today and I know of one other person for whom it isn’t syncing either.

Is that related to what @richwarne2003 posted about in this thread?

Wondering if this is on the other service side or if it’s CityStrides.

The service had issues for a couple of days, now being reported as green across the board

Ever since it went down over the weekend, I haven’t had it sync for me either. Although the site is back up and working as normal for me since Monday

I have had a few runs come over and synced since this weekend. The problem I am now running into is that I am not getting any data from the runs. I ran a half marathon in a brand new area for a run and have no progressed roads at all. I do think there is a massive delay on activity processing but still have a few runs that have nothing that came over on Monday.

MapyMyFitness hasn’t synced for me since Sunday April 19, 2020. I did a 9.5 mile run on April 21 that I’d REALLY like to have synced. I have added my sync to the queue a couple of times and that run from April 21 has not come through.

I also have runs since 4/19 that haven’t updated from mapmyrun. Is there any information about this and when it will be resolved?