Disconnecting from Map My Run

Hi - I want to disconnect from my current Map My Run account and then connect to a new version. I’ve removed the connection to CityStrides on my actual Map My Run account, but my City Strides account is still showing as being connected and it hasn’t ‘cleared’ or deleted the activities showing on my account or cleared the LifeMap. Can you advise please? I’m quite happy for all my progress to be set back to ‘zero’ as I will then re-connect to my revised version of Map My Run

Yeah, that MapMyRun connection isn’t handled as aggressively as other services because their API is super inconsistent. Share your profile link (top right menu) and I can clean it up.


How in the heck did you accomplish this?
:laughing: :flushed:

What was the step-by-step that you took that allowed you to get into a state where you have one User with two connected MapMyRun accounts?

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I have no idea - sorry! But quite happy for you to “ground zero” me with no runs and then I’ll reconnect to the correct account. This all started by me trying to move over from Strava!

Can you double check in your MapMyRun account settings that CityStrides is not present in your list of connected apps? If it is present, can you revoke its access?

I’ve cleared out the old account data for you. After you make sure CityStrides is completely disconnected in MapMyRun, then you can log back in & your account will be rebuilt. :+1:

Will do. But looks like their site is having problems. Can’t access it. Have tried several devices. Will try later. Thank you for your help.

Can’t access what?

Cant access mapmyrun website - it’s up and down all day!

Eeeeeewwwwwwww :confounded:
Hope they can bring it back up again soon!

I’m patient👍

All sorted now :slight_smile: thank you