MapMyRun activities haven't synced

I have six MMR activities from April 20th through April 25th that aren’t showing in my profile or life map. Is there some reason why they haven’t synced? If they can’t be synced, is there any way I can add the nodes/streets manually?

Strange … wasn’t aware of any MMF issues holding activities back. I just started a sync for your account. They should arrive soon.

A few of us mentioned this in another thread: MapMyFitness Missing Activity Processing, and no one from City Strides support has commented on it, so perhaps it got lost in the mix.

I’m still missing two workouts (April 21 and April 23) from MapMyFitness. I synced my own account a few times, but they still haven’t shown up.

Strava runs are showing up for me though.

FYI, Those MMR activities still haven’t shown up.

Yeah, turns out there’s this other backlog that popped up … it’s super weird - I’ve only seen it once before. The only thing I can think of is a bunch of people out there are going on a delete spree and removing activities (either in CityStrides or in their service). Things are even more delayed right now … which is great and exactly what we all need to happen. :grimacing:

So in theory if I’m patient they will show eventually? Is there any way to add the nodes/streets manually?
By the way, despite this hiccup, I love the app, and really appreciate your effort and the great support.

Yes and no to each question in order :smile:


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Is this the same issue that has prevented 4/1 from being added to my life map? I have reposted it several times and it still hasn’t shown up.

Are you missing the activity in CityStrides? In other words, does the activity appear in your list on your profile page?

Share your profile link (top right menu) and I can help.

Hi James,

I really appreciate the time and effort. Mine is a Runkeeper issue but I thought I would tag on to this thread.

I switched over recently to Runkeeper when the Strava queue was all backed up, and the first sync went perfect. But none of my subsequent runs since then (April 24/25) have synced.



My walk (MapMyWalk) from yesterday still have not synced. And are not showing up in my profile.

Thanks for fixing my life map!

Are you aware that City Strides is not a company with actual employees? It’s a one man hobby site that a lot of people use? In other words, there is no “City Strides support” staff.


It appears on my profile page but doesnt capture the completed streets or appear on my life map. Its the 8.52 mile run on 4/1.



I’m having a similar issue, but only today (May 5) with two MMF activities not syncing. I had switched to MMF with all the Strava syncing issues and the MMF sync has been really fast up to this point. The runs are not showing up on my profile page.

You’re probably held back by this weird queuing issue I’m seeing more frequently. It looks like my latest effort didn’t resolve the issue, and there’s a ~2 hour lag on basically everything right now.