Map updated but streets not counting

My run from 1/22 uploaded but it says 0 streets progressed/completed which is not correct. The odd part it, the streets showed completed as yesterday. Today they don’t and my percentage complete dropped

Actually I just saw that the same thing happened for my run from 1/19. Was showing the completed streets but not anymore. The map is still there though

:thinking: I can’t think of any piece of the code that would remove progressed/completed data outside of deleting an activity. Is there any chance you deleted the activity in order to re-sync it from your tracking service?

Can you share the URLs for these activities? I won’t be able to view them in the site, but I can look them up in the database to see what the data structure looks like.

I don’t think I deleted it… it is still showing in my Strava?
Here is one:

And here is the second one

OK, how do those look now?

Fixed it!! Thank you so much!

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