Lifemap gets updated but no streets progressed

This run was uploaded correctly and the Lifemap updated fine. But the street progressed still was 0, which is not correct. Activity is CityStrides

ps: i looked also at Map updated but streets not counting - #5 by michelle.ladonne but did not find the answer, therefore this new post

Keep up the good work.

Remco GB


I have the same. In my case with activity CityStrides.
Maybe this helps to figure out what is wrong.

I’m having the same issue with this activity: Rick van Helden's Activity on January 29, 2020 - CityStrides

The first place to check is here:

Look to the bottom of the page at the Activity Processing Delay

If you are a supporter, and it hasn’t processed, message @JamesChevalier

If you are not a supporter, (first, why? then next,) the current delay in processing an activity is 1 day. If it has been longer than that, there may be an issue

@rgb_prive I started the reprocessing for your activity, but I’m not allowed to view it so you’ll have to let me know if that helped. You’re a subscriber, so there isn’t a delay ( CityStrides ) that would’ve affected you. :thinking: Let me know if you have this issue with your next activity.

@etienne.berends & @Rick - you’re both in the non-subscriber queue, so we’ll have to wait and see if your activities are just waiting to be processed.

This activity has the streets counted for it but no purple lines as of yet. I’m user 9561

Hi, the activity processed correctly now…thanks a lot for your quick reply. Great site/idea…keep up the good work. Greetings remco

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Thanks for your help…i didnt know of this status page and will keep this in mind for future questions

Hi @JamesChevalier, thanks for your reply. I wasn’t aware of the queue, so that’s good to know.
It has been over one day now, however the stats of my run don’t seem to be updated for this run: Etienne Berends's Activity on January 29, 2020 - CityStrides. Is there anything that I need to or can do myself?

Edit: Apparently the issues seemed to have resolved itself. Thanks!
(I’ll try to be more patient :innocent:)

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