Login Method: Losing Progress tracked in other apps

I have mentioned this as part of another thread, but thought I’d start a unique conversation for it.

I run most of the time using MapMyRun. However, in the past, I’ve tried Strava. I am willing to look at new apps as well, like runkeeper. My brief stint with Strava was driven by equipment: the Samsung Watch has a dedicated app for it.

I love that we can log in using our app. However, there is progress which isn’t tracked because my login using MMR can’t include data tracked using Strava. Since I never run using multiple apps, there isn’t any overlap. I’d like the ability to track a second or third app on the same profile. This would be particularly useful if an equipment issue forced me to change apps.

I belong to another social site for runners called idorun, and I love their login method. It imports data from multiple apps to a single profile. The rest of the site leaves something to be diesired, but that functionality is great.

Allowing multiple tracking services per CityStrides account is definitely a feature that’s on the way.

It was definitely a mistake, in the first few days of building CityStrides, to not go in this direction. That early decision has kind of sat around all this time. There’s not a ton of work in switching that around, but it’s in a pretty critical area that I don’t want to screw up.

Would you want each of your activities to identify its tracking service?

I would like that, because of the difference in features and accuracy of the different trackers. I really like the presentation and functionality I find here:
Idorun – Un blog sobre variedades=
Perhaps it will give you some ideas.

That link I sent has another cool feature. If you click on a person’s profile, next to each activity there is a small “link” icon. The link takes you to an animated map with a moving icon which showes them moving through the charted workout. Very neat idea. MMR does this too. I don’t remember about Strava.

Alright! Here it is!

You can now connect multiple trackers to a single CityStrides account.

If you already have two separate accounts in CityStrides, please get in touch with me privately - I think I need to do some stuff to get those linked up…

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