Log in to prefered account

I am trying to log in to City Strides through my new Samsung cell. I previously had a Huwei which turned out to be a problem, since it does not support google maps and runkeeper maps.
I also have two email accounts, One connected to runkeeper and citystrides and one which is connected to the new phone.
The only option that I have in order to log in is “through runkeeper”. But it links me only to the innactive account with zero streets. I cannot find an option to select WHICH runkeepr account and email I want to. It does it aytomatically.
Is there a solution?

It sounds like you’re experiencing this issue: How do I fix accidentally creating two accounts at the same tracking service?

The short version is:

  • Log out of Runkeeper
  • Log out of CityStrides
  • Log into the good Runkeeper account
  • Log into CityStrides via Runkeeper

Let me know if you have any questions after reading through that post as well.