Location finder on iPhone not working all of a sudden

Any ideas? Have checked Location is enabled on Safari, rebooted phone, logged out and in again and GPS definitely working in other apps including Street Ferret Live! My CS supporter status is active AFAIK

Stopped working yesterday.

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I’m having the same issue. Started yesterday. Chrome on an iPhone.

FYI: It is happening for several people and has been posted in other threads. The most active is:

I also use Chrome but I even even installed the Brave browser to see if it changed, or prompted new for, location services. Nope.

The Show Location button is greyed out since this update, so I can’t see my Location when running

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Same here….

Works fine on my device :man_shrugging:, what setup are you guys using?

I posted in Support that I was having this trouble as well. I didn’t want to assume that it was related to the update but it did start right after that for me.

I am using an iPhone and i also see the problem on an iPad. It works on a Windows 10 PC. I assumed it has to do with location services but I’ve toggled every setting that I could find. I also note that my two activity tracker: Runkeeper and MapMyWalk still function properly. I’ve signed out, paused/restarted the trackers, rebooted and more but no joy.

Does anyone have other suggestions? It’s a bummer to try to walk/run without it.

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Ipad, what device are you using?

I’m on Android.

iPhone and iPad for me as well. Might be the link there if it’s working on Androids.

And I use Chrome but I installed the Brave browser to see if it changed, or prompted new for, location services. It did not.

This issue appeared ​with the latest Mapbox update (my map provider). I’m ​sending out a release now that downgrades that software, to get the location feature working again. This can take up to 15 minutes.

I’ve moved all the posts from the release announcement into this thread.

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When I opened City Strides site today, the GPS button to follow along your progress is grayed out. I’ve checked location services, toggled things on and off, signed out and in…can’t seem to wake it up. is anyone else seeing this?

Having the same issue as of today.

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Thanks working again. Now can you also please fix that it has started raining and about to go for a run :slight_smile:


You were going to run anyway.
While running, you were going to sweat.
Sweat is wet.
Rain is wet.
You were going to be wet anyway.

Go run.


Awesome. All working now. Thank you James