Location and direction

I always used to get the question to allow CS to use my phone location when running and looking at my position on the map.
But since some months I sometimes also get the question if I allow CS to use my direction, and then I see a small arrow showing my direction when I run.
Was this something introduced in a new release, and why does it not happen every time?

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Oh yeah I added that on July 7 - released in Updates on July 21, 2022 (Release 574)
It should show your direction every time. Maybe it stores that approval for a while so it doesn’t have to request access every time? :person_shrugging:

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No, when I don’t get the question, I also don’t see the little direction arrow

:thinking: That’s odd, and I’m unsure how it’s possible. There’s only one piece of code for that button, so I don’t see how it can behave differently on different uses…

const geoLocateControl = new mapboxgl.GeolocateControl({
  positionOptions: { enableHighAccuracy: true },
  trackUserLocation: true,
  showUserHeading: true

If you don’t get prompted for access, does the location feature also not work? In other words, are there times where you click the button and nothing happens at all?

No, I always get the location question, and location always work. On maybe 50% of the runs I also get the direction question, and then also the arrow thing.
Would be interesting to hear from other Iphone users what your experience is?

Yeah, because I have absolutely no idea how that’s possible. There’s one request from the website for access to both features, so I’d assume it’s the device that isn’t properly displaying those requests to you for some reason.

on my iPhone I always get the location question (perhaps like every 15 minutes when my phone unlocks) , and then location always works. I’ve never had a direction question and didn’t even know this was a thing. I’ve never had an arrow show my direction. Maybe there is an iOS setting that permanently blocks direction?