Updates on July 21, 2022 (Release 574)

  • :hammer_and_wrench: lots of fixes/improvements around the new Friends feature
    • :bug: friends will now show up in leaderboard/city/challenge/street searches even if they’re private
    • :bug: fix issues around viewing your friends when they’re private
    • :new: in-site notifications for Friend requests (I need to do some work to enable email notifications)
  • :new: update LifeMap Live to show your direction
  • :hammer_and_wrench: super minor PWA changes
  • :nerd_face: package updates

Seems the friends updates broke the setup where your profile/stats are visible (also in leader boards) but your activities aren’t. Now I just show up as a private strider. The profile page itself is weird now as part says private strider but part does still show some info.

User 1811. It’s the “per activity” privacy setting where you keep every individual activity private.

I’m able to fix up the profile page, so that will always display the user ‘card’.
I was also able to fix the pinned city list so that it does not appear if you’re not public.

Oh, and I’m just now understanding/realizing that I applied too much privacy to the ‘card’ display in user lists throughout the site (Leaderboard, city page, street page, and challenges). It’s currently treating “Per Activity” as completely private, instead of allowing displays in the lists - I’m able to fix that up now as well.

I should have a release that fixes all this out sometime today. Thanks for reporting it!

Edit: I’m not going to hide city lists on the profile page for people set to “Per Activity” … the lists should be displayed, because you could have public activities in those cities

Update: That release went out, which should resolve these issues

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Thanks for the quick work! Looks good again