Lifemap not updated

Hi James,

After a small wait for some activities to show up from March 27, 28 and 29, they are now in my profile but not in my Lifemap. Is there anything I need to do?



Share a link to your profile (grab that in the top right menu) and I can force that through … either the job did something wrong or the browser is caching old data - this’ll tell us which it is (and possibly fix the issue).

OK, regenerating that map data now … could take anywhere from a few seconds → few minutes → 45mins or so, depending on how many activities you have. Hopefully this sorts it out! Let me know either way.

All good now. Thanks!

i think im experiencing the same thing. im a new member/supporter and most of my activities are still in queue to sync from strava, i get i need to wait on those (i dont necessarily understand the import order though, ive got some of the most recent ones and ones from 2012, but nothing in between, lol). But i do see that for some of my runs that have synced up on my profile, they dont all show up on the lifemap. is that normal? is that another situation where i just need to wait? i thought i saw the lifemap should update pretty quickly, but i’ve read a lot and cant keep it all straight now.

Yeah LifeMap should update fairly quickly unless there’s a delay on that (Also on the status page). Share your profile link (in the top right menu) and I’ll force it through.


Ok - just started that. It should probably take about 15min to update.

thanks. i think it already did it. i was looking at it within 2 minutes of posting the prior message and the missing ones just showed up.

My life map hasn’t updated since Sunday.

Just started that process … very strange, I’ve seen this a few times :thinking:

I joined about a week ago and have had one activity sync, but nothing has synced since then and no previous activities have synced from my Strava account. Chet The Single Track Scoundrel - CityStrides

Hey, Chet.

Check out the status page - you will see that there are quite a few new accounts that have yet to get any historic syncing completed. Unfortunately, the Strava allowances are not enough to keep up with recent demand due to so many new signups.

With patience you should see a beautiful LifeMap soon, hopefully.

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So whatever you did worked, and my run today uploaded, but if I view my lifemap in my browser today’s run doesn’t show. If I load my lifemap in an incognito window though, I can see it. So clearly this time the problem is with chrome. Do you know the answer?

Edit: It’s even weirder. In the incognito window I wasn’t logged in. When I logged in, the heatmap no longer showed today’s run. Now I’m doubly confused.

Ooh, thanks for that update - that helps quite a bit!
Sounds like the private version of the LifeMap didn’t update properly.
(There’s some detail on that in the About The LifeMap wiki post)

I can manually clean that up for you, then look into the underlying bug later.

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I’m experiencing the same issue as @f05f244860901569362a. My activity from yesterday was imported but the lifemap wasn’t updated. I can view the updated lifemap in incognito, but not in a regular window.

My understanding is that there is some browser cache involved as well. This seems to be at play here, if incognito works - but - there’s also the fact that there are two versions of advanced LifeMap: public & private. Can you try logging in while in incognito as well? If it _still _doesn’t work that way, then there’s something wrong with the underlying data … but if it works that way, then it sounds like a browser cache issue.

I just logged in while in Incognito mode, and the newer data wasn’t actually there now. Interesting.

There’s a delay on that tile generation right now, but I just queued it up for you - let’s see if this fixes it.

Update I just noticed you’ve got two activities on April 5th. It’s very possible that the first activity arrived in CityStrides, which queued up all the correct jobs … then the second activity arrived & did not queue up the LifeMap job because one was already running. This would make the last activity not update in the LifeMap until your next activity arrived (or after I queued up that job manually :point_up:). I’ll adjust that behavior a little bit just in case that is the cause - let me know if that sounds plausible (how close were the two activities to each other?)