LifeMap Not Synching

New user here…after Synching all of my Strava activities, they are not showing up on the Lifemap. The first 20 or so activities that uploaded showed up on the map, but after all Strava activities uploaded, there was nothing on the map. I’ve tried different browsers on mobile and desktop, but still blank. Please help!

How long have you waited? I sometimes need to wait hours until my run show up, I think it is because processing takes a while (currently the Activity Processing Delay: is about 4 hours, you can check it in the menu) and there is some cache in the system as well.

You’re not the only one that have reported sync issues, @trailmonkey talks about a half-processed run here: Report Synchronization Issues Here, so perhaps the system are having some hiccups at the moment.

Thanks. I downloaded Chrome and they showed up there for some reason.

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