Lifemap gone?

My entire lifemap is gone again.

I’m going to shake and spray bottles of champagne all over my house when I fix this one…
I just started the LifeMap generation for you.

Sorry @JamesChevalier, my lifemap no longer shows completed streets after today’s sync as well. Greg Greening - CityStrides

We all owe you a bottle of champagne.

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Just to clarify, the LifeMap just displays your activities. It’s not a display of completed streets or any modified version of anything - just a display of all your activities.

Ok I will rephrase, my lifemap is blank :slight_smile:

I started the re-gneration so hopefully at appears soon.

Good now. You’re fast

Unfortunately: same.
Became premium, got all my Strava activties synced (where some 5’ish activities pending) => polygones gone.
Pauzed Strava, enabled Garmin. Will do a new run in a minute :sunglasses:

Sorry to add on here, yesterday evening my LifeMap went blank as well (all activities and streets still in my profile, and if I click on a specific activity the purple lines render). Waited until this morning to see if it would regenerate given some time but still blank.

Just started the LifeMap generation for both of you
Sorry for the trouble here … haven’t had the time to really dive into this issue

Thank you, and no problem. There’s worse things in life :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, and like Wannes said there are worse things :stuck_out_tongue:

Really appreciate having CityStrides and your efforts to keep making it better, James!

Hey James it appears my lifemap is gone as well. Just started the Garmin integration/Strava pause last night. Not sure if that is related or not.

I’m missing mine as well. That is, my sweet purple lines are gone. No hurry. Thanks for your work!

Weird… Mine is now gone too (no polylines on map), as is the ability to “reset browser storage” option. That was on the settings page, right?

This is the first time this has happened to me.

*Eric Wes's Map View - CityStrides

Edit: I don’t recall seeing the coords/zoom on the URL (above) before. Is that new?

PS. Do you need another bottle of champagne for (pouring on) the house? :slight_smile:

Oops, just found This is the thread for Advanced LifeMap problems, by reading all the way to the end of Purple Lines missing from LifeMap - #43 by jason (which is closed / locked)!

Looking at that now!

PS. Maybe lock this thread too?