Latest run not showing on city or lifemap

Tuesday after my run, the run was processed, the % of streets ran increased and the activity itself was complete and showed correctly. However, the city map and lifemap did not show the run at all. I did another run today and saw that the Tuesday run was now showing correctly, but today’s run had the same issue. I logged out and back in, cleared cache, etc. and same result. Checked on Windows 10/Chrome and on Android/Chrome.

Ah! I see!
I’ve been queuing up the job that generates these map tiles right after creating the activity. I should be queuing them up later in the overall process.

I’ll have a fix out in a little bit that’ll handle this for future activities. Your current LifeMap will take a little bit of time to update, though.

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Thanks and no worries! I waited until it happened the 2nd time before raising the issue as I figured it was probably affecting others as well. Thanks for all you do!

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Your LifeMap should be fixed by now - let me know if it’s not.

It is not… unless I need to logout and back in or clear cache…