Weird map on activity page

Here’s a new one. This is my run this morning on Runkeeper:

And then this is the same run as it appears on CityStrides:

When I go to the city page it looks like the Runkeeper image, so it’s only on the activity page. I deleted and re-synced the activity a couple times, but it’s still the same. Not sure what happened here.

I have some ideas… looking into it now.

I expect this is purely a display issue. I’ll reply back when I have more info.


It’s other activates too, not just that one so you’re probably right.

Quick update - found it! It looks like the requirements are different after Updates on November 1, 2020 and I don’t have to mangle the data so much on the way into the map.

I still have to make the changes and update the site, but this shouldn’t take too longer.

going back in


Alright, this should be fixed for all activities now.

Thanks for reporting the issue!


Thanks for the fix!