Import runs but NOT walks from Strava?

Hello, I am wanting to RUN and track all the streets in my community. I also frequently record walks with my wife, covering many of the same streets. Is it possible to import ONLY the running activities from Strava? To import both really defeats the purpose of the running goal. Thanks for any help.

I don’t think you can do that. When I first started using CS, and imported all history from Strava, I found that a lot of walks had also been imported. Some of them I deleted from both Strava and CS, but others that were more close by, I just went there and ran the same streets that I had previously walked😁. Now I have run all streets in my home town, so I can walk where ever I want, even with Strava!

At the moment, all run/walk/hike type activities are brought into CityStrides without options.

I think this #ideas post is the closest/most relevant: Ability to permanently hide/delete certain activities
Overall, some form of control over activity types - how they affect progress, whether they’re displayed on the map, etc - is a good feature to have … I just haven’t built it yet.

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My workaround is to use a unique activity tracker just for CityStrides - since everything I record on Garmin goes into Strava, I import only the ones I want on CityStrides to Runkeeper and only keep that one actively synced to my CityStrides account.


That’s exactly what i do also. Works very good


I think Runkeeper is my preferred tracker to use as a CityStrides connect too, particularly because it’s the only one in which you can directly edit your path if there were abnormalities that would screw up your purple lines

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Thanks to all for the replies, I appreciate the help.