Ability to permanently hide/delete certain activities

I have a few activities that I keep deleting every time a full sync is done. I know I could delete them of Strava and they would never reappear. For activites with a straight line merging two different sessions, I have done just that. There are however some activites I would like to keep on Strava, but I don’t want on the map. Some examples are:

  • Orienteering, this messes up my map in areas I try to run every trail.
  • Some GPX files are slightly off, not a huge deal, but if it’s constantly 15-20 meters away from the trail and does not include any new trail/street, I’d rather remove it. On Strava, I’d like to keep it for stats and history
  • Walking, personal preference, I want to run everything not walk. Again, I would like my hikikg on Strava


Is there a reason you have had to do multiple full syncs? Before Garmin was integrated I accidentally reset my account a couple times, and I had a similar issue with “pruning” a bunch of ugly and/or GPS-crazy runs from my account. But you shouldn’t need to reupload all runs multiple times unless there are recurring problems with your account, or something…

Runkeeper only does full sync, and I usually handle large-scale sync issues (most recently the Strava API limit issue) by doing full syncs for all users.
I’d say, as general guidance & outside of Garmin, expect that a full sync could happen at any time. It probably won’t but that’s just an easier/safer assumption to make than the opposite.

Given that, this idea has merit. I’m also hearing two requests:

  1. Ability to ignore a specific activity type (only walking or only running)
  2. Ability to ignore specific activities

In that case I agree with OP that it would be nice if there was an option to hide the activity, and CS kept a log of hidden activity IDs that can be toggled on/off later so that the hidden setting wouldn’t revert after a full sync (the way deleted activities will reappear currently).

Ability to ignore specific activities would be useful

Have you given this any more thought? If you feel this is not worth the effort, I might just go and delete these activities from Strava instead to keep my map clean :slight_smile: