How long for missing city update?

I added a city to the Missing City Tracker. (The city is Vernon Township, NJ, USA, and it seems to be all set in OSM.) What would be a typical time before it gets added to CityStrides? I didn’t see any indication on that spreadsheet about the process/timeframe.


I’ve been very terrible about getting that list of cities into CityStrides. Apologies to everyone contributing to that list!
I need to set up a regular cadence for myself so that I get through it little by little.

Thanks for all your work on this. Is it possible to add a column for people (CS profile link or whatever would help identify) who are contributing to the list so that we could get notified when it has been added? I didn’t know if it also requires this manual process vs if it gets added automatically once someone is a strider in that city.

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