How is total % complete calculated?

When I visually inspect my LifeMap over the city I’m trying to complete, I’d say its about 10-15% complete, but I’m only at 6%. How is this number calculated? Is it completedStreets/totalStreets? If that’s the case, that 6% makes sense, since i have many streets less than 90% complete. Personally, I think that the percentage should be calculated by completedNodes/totalNodes. I think that would be a more accurate number.

Also, this could already be how its done, and I’m just not good at visually estimating.

It’s (completed streets)/(total streets), but now that James has added total city length as a metric, it would be interesting to compute as distance by doing (completed street distance)/(total street distance)

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Winding streets have significantly more nodes than a straight street. A street with all the driveways mapped also has more than one without it mapped. The nodes ratio would be meaningless in terms of city completion.

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I still think it was be closer to being an accurate representation though. I could theoretically run 80% of every street in my city. That’s 80% complete, but it would show up as 0%. Obviously that’s extremely unlikely, but I think that point still stands.

I guess it doesn’t really matter unless you’re actively competing against people or something. Things like “first to 50%” would be contentious.

Going with %age of nodes would also automatically activate hard mode, where you can only complete a city if you caught every node. Careful what you wish for :laughing:

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In case you haven seen it: User Setting: Hard Mode

I guess that depends on how you interpret it.

In your example, yes, you may have completed 80% of the map/nodes in your hypothetical city, but you will have actually completed no streets - so the 0% of the streets statistic still holds.

This was an idea floated some time ago, so you certainly aren’t alone in your thinking. I agree with the % of the streets completed method of calculating the metric, though.

I get that it comes down to a difference of opinion on what “complete” means regarding a city, but even in everyone’s discussion they’re using the ideas of percentage and completeness when referring to individual streets, e.g. 90% of the nodes in a street makes it complete. So why apply this idea of completeness of nodes in a street, and have those numbers carry over into the calculations for completeness in a city?

I dunno even in just the simplest example: I have a 10 street city. I have completed 5 streets and the other 5 I have reached half the nodes. This would come out as 50% based on the current system, but in reality I am 75% of the way to completing the city.

The current system of tracking percentage just doesn’t seem to reflect reality as accurately as it could (and yes, I know about hard mode, but that’s not what I’m talking about here).

1 Like that was an interesting point about completeness of a city being a percentage of the completed street count. Prior to regular updates from OSM, i would have wholeheartedly agreed. But now that CS does update, i view the 90% of nodes more of something just in case the gps reads do something funky.