Home page - list past monthly challenges w/ rank

Posted this here, but making a separate idea.

First off, the new home page layout is very cool and a big improvement!

But now there’s a big blank space where the other challenges were listed.

My suggestion is to list all past challenges as well, in reverse chronology (most recent first), and also to have the rank next to the streets. Here’s a mockup of what I’m thinking:

It helps fill the space, gives you an idea of how you’re doing with previous months. It’s a bit redundant with the chart data, but I think the ennumeration complements the visual of the chart. This would be especially cool to see how you’re doing in an active challenge, in case you are the competitive type and seeing your live rank has you sensing glory…not that I’d know anything about that.

Maybe there is also something else planned for that space in the future, not sure. Thoughts?

When viewed on a mobile device, this section isn’t blank … and piling too much data can cause issue. So I think I’d need to include some toggle capability to allow people to quickly hide a huge list of Challenges.
Also, as time marches on, I’ll need to limit/paginate that list… which can get a bit noisy. :man_shrugging:

I like the idea of showing your rank. With some reason learning ( Ranking in profile - #10 by JamesChevalier ) I think I’ll be able to start incorporating the idea of ‘rank’ in many places throughout the site.

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Ah, I often forget about mobile layout…I really only view lifemap and routes on my phone. Agree with paginating for sure, I even think they would look like the tiles that were there before but I didn’t use my limited skills to try mocking that part up :sweat_smile:

Awesome, looking forward to this, and to your general announcement re: ideas in that thread. It definitely feels like these past few months you’ve been extremely engaged in innovating and improving the site, and it’s been a lot of fun for me to participate in that process as well.