Have a city pedal/bike site


Hi, still loving this, but have you considered adding in a cycle option either within same maps but different coloured lines, or a sister site. As a runner and cyclist it would be something i would very much like to see, especially as ridss are longer hopefully would cover more of the country.

Make it possible to track walking as well

I agree, this is in fact what I came hoping to find. Alas, as a cyclist only the running side of things is not much use for me. I would definitely say separate maps would be the way to go.


You could use different colors for running vs biking.


Was there any progress on this? Would love one of these.

Context is already there surely, just need to change the activity type.


Just wanted to follow up with the hope that you could add cycling imports from Runkeeper as well. I’m not interested in any sort of contest or anything like that but the site is so great for running and I would love to be able to see my biking routes as well. Thanks!