New: Garmin Integration -- Available To EVERYONE

Tbh, there’s only a few of them I need adding to CS, so I’ll probably just do specific loads from Strava for those, as long as they go from Garmin to Strava OK.

Joined 2 weeks ago, became a supporter last week.
Started with the Strava syncing, then switched to Garmin last week.
Only half of my historic activities have loaded (missing around 250 between 9/2014-9/2019.) Added a Garmin account in June 2019, so most of this is Strava…
I currently have Garmin paused to load the Strava activities.
All new activities load perfectly.

Any suggestions for how I should move forward?

P.S. Thank you for all your hard work! This site is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

With Garmin paused, that history sync is not going to work.
Strava is going to take a long while.

I’m trying to understand exactly what happened:

  • joined 2 weeks ago with Strava
  • added Garmin last week
  • your Garmin history didn’t show up so you paused it?
  • new activities are syncing from Strava

I’m confused about where your historic activities reside and where your future activities will come from.
Knowing this, I can help direct you.

Strava holds history back to 2014. Garmin only has history back to 6/2019.
I originally started with Strava on CityStrides. Within that first week, only 20 activities loaded and most were 2019-current.
I decided to help support this great website, so I became a supporter and saw Garmin syncs available, which would free up the Strava load. I paused Strava (I’m guessing this is where I went wrong- pausing the new user data before it was done…) and began Garmin.
After a few days, Garmin pulled in another 210 activities… most of my Garmin activity. Great!!!
Thinking maybe now the burden is less for the historic Strava, I paused Garmin so Strava could pull in 2014-2019 data. Now only new activities are loading, as if all historic got paused when I switched from Garmin to Strava. There are still about 250 running/hiking/walking activities not showing on CS.

I’d like to use Garmin going forward, but I’m still missing half my Strava history (which most doesn’t exist on my Garmin.)

I hope this helps!

On that activity type point - do you store the type within CS? Don’t know if it’s already been discussed, but could be a nice feature to eb able to filter in/out runs & walks (& dare I suggest bike rides? :wink: )

Yes! A bunch! Thank you.

Pausing Garmin while it (potentially) wasn’t complete in bringing in that history made it so that it definitely will not bring in that history. I’ll need to do some manual stuff to get any missing Garmin activities now – not a huge issue, because I think I’m starting to see some patterns where this will be required anyway.

One problematic piece to this is that, right now, I’ve disabled history syncing for non-new Strava accounts. It’s not a big effort to manually re-start that for you though - just share your profile link and I can get that going. You will need to keep Strava un-paused for this to work (as the code is right now).
You could keep both Garmin & Strava unpaused, and new activities will be imported by whichever service notifies CityStrides first (likely Garmin). This would decrease your new activity API calls by 1 (not much, but it’s something). If you expect to eventually use Garmin exclusively, then that would make sense.

Thanks for working through all the confusing bits - I obviously haven’t sorted all of this out yet.

I do! I normalize all the different service’s naming schemes down to simply “running” and “walking” to make it easier on myself … I had that much forethought, at least (for the filtering options you mention).

I’ve gotten a fair amount of requests for it Have a city pedal/bike site … it’s still (from my perspective) quite an amount of work, to make sure that cycling activities are separate from running/walking. :thinking: :man_shrugging:


Thank you so much! This is an amazing site!

If you are still looking for test accounts, I would be happy to participate!

You should be able to go into your settings and click the ‘Run History Sync’ button. :+1:

Hi James, recently migrated to Garmin for syncing - is there a way to only import runs (or a future enhancement where we choose activities to import)? I sometimes walk but don’t want those included in my Striding activities.

Or is there a way of deleting walks as they come in?

Hello, I hope you can help me, I started the historical synchronization last Tuesday and at first it went great, but for a week nothing happens and there are still many activities missing. If it helps you, I can tell you exactly what activities are missing. Could you tell me if I can do anything?

I really appreciate that Garmin Integration is available for everyone, as Garmin is my go-to device. I immediately connected and paused Strava sync and I really hope that it helps in solving the syncing issues that were encountered last couple of weeks.
Thanks for the hard work!


Hey James, if you still need Garmin historical sync testers, I’d like to participate Ken Tarullo - CityStrides

There’s a button in your Settings page (top right menu) now, right in that same area where you connected Garmin :+1:

I’ve heard of a couple other cases like this :thinking:

Dates are best - does it look like everything before a certain date is missing or is it a bit more random?
Keep in mind that only running/walking types are imported (see full list in original post :point_up:)

Share your profile link and the dates that are missing (date ranges are fine)

Where can I see that button (Run History Sync)? I cannot seem to find it…

It should be in the same Available Trackers box:

I do hide it after you’ve clicked it once. :thinking: These Garmin history syncs use loads of memory, so I don’t want people mashing on the button. :grimacing:

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All missing activities are between 13.july.2013 and 21.april.2016.
In this period only the activities from the 30.may.2014 and 13. july.2015 to 25.july.2015 are already transfered.
And here is the link to my profil: Marie-Chantal Laaser - CityStrides
Thanks for trying to solve the problem.

There is no Run History Sync button available on my Settings to pull in the other half of my Strava activities.

Thank you!


Just to make sure you understand what should be there, the “run history sync” button only is for Garmin, not any of the other services. Also, you only have to select it once and it should get your entire Garmin history from that button press (if it works properly). If there are Garmin activities still missing, let @JamesChevalier know the date range from Garmin that did not get synced so he can narrow down what he is looking for.


Thanks for the clarification!
There are only 2 activities I found (9/11/19 and 9/15/19) missing from Garmin.
Strava is missing approx. 230 activities (9/29/2014-7/6/2019). Only 9 activities have pulled in.
I greatly appreciate all the work you are doing on this site!