Howdy! Will MapMyRide sync with CityStride? I signed up a few weeks ago and tried to sync with my MapMyFitness (MapMyRide) account, but nothing is synced. I would like to use MapMyRide because I can’t run, but I can ride, but I will use MapMyRun as a riding app if I absolutely have to because I am most interested in the map other than other details. Thoughts?

Thanks for the cool tools by the way.

I don’t think there’s any technical difference between any of the MapMy* products - I think they’re all, ultimately, MapMyFitness.
CityStrides only syncs in foot-based activities, though. There are tons of different ways to track running/walking/hiking/etc, and CityStrides should accept all of those. It does not accept cycling activities, though. Have a city pedal/bike site