Hard Mode questions and issues

Figure if I have an issue or question others might too - put them here.

My first one: I enabled hard mode and my cities show newly incomplete streets, but the city itself still shows up as complete.


Believe that has been answered by James. Referencing last sentence

More an observation. I have enabled this as have also been using Street Ferret to try and literally run everything you can. I was on a tantalising 8999 streets but dropped back to 8621 and from 21st on the leaderboard to 27th. However I now feel this is more in keeping with what am trying to do in certain places - run 100% of a city and not 90% etc etc

Also noteworthy I only seem to have “lost” streets in the places had not been targeting. So my 3 “fairly large” 100% cities remained intact. As such it was probably odd ones in the distant past before I knew CS was a thing, perhaps with the then worst GPS watches have lost. Would be good to know exactly where they are but maybe will come across them again in time. I have so far spotted 2 streets where I goto fairly often to fully tick off next time.

I imagine there will be a lot of questions about hard mode, maybe a wiki should/will be in order? Because we debated over the years exactly what it would be. I’ll kick off the questions: Will our street count go down? Will there be a separate leaderboard?

Yeah, probably a good idea. I’ll create one based on any questions asked in here after a few roll in…

Probably. When you save the change to enable Hard Mode, a job is enqueued that re-checks your completed streets … any street that’s not :100: is is removed from your list … the next time you complete a node, your city-wide stats will update accordingly.

Probably not. I don’t really feel like doing that. :laughing: Toss it in a new post in #ideas though, because when the people speak I listen. :smile:
In the meantime, it will display a little red “Hard Mode” flaggy thing under your avatar.

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Which queue on Status page does this fall under? Cause folks are gonna want to know how long to wait.

How easy is it to go back to regular if select “hard mode”?

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Does changing to Hard Mode change how node hunters shows incomplete nodes?

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Yes, just checked. When I enabled Hard mode I had five cities drop from 100% to 99.*%. If I go to one of them and press Nodehunter I see the ”new” missing nodes in red


This also seems to have added new nodes to streets, Is that correct? Example: this street I had as complete even though it now only shows 88%, Ashley Street - CityStrides I have other examples if needed.

The same for me. If i want to check out hardcore, and i don’t like it, can i just easily switch back? I guess James won’t like the processor load when people start doing that. I am just not sure if i want to go hardcore, but i am curious how it looks in my lifemap

I know none of them are big, but I went from 12 completed cities to 8 after the switch. None of them a ton different, but enough to get me back to those areas again a few times.

Looking in OSM, that street actually lost nodes; not from enabling hard mode on your account but from semi-recent OSM edits.

The top section hasn’t been touched in 4 years (OSM history). That has two nodes.

The bottom section was last edited on 20 June '22 (OSM history). It previously had 9 nodes but now has 6.

With a total of 8 nodes now, it sounds like CS is reporting you having completed 7 out of 8 (87.5% rounded up to 88%).

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Switching to hard mode, my number of completed streets went down by 329 and my number of completed “cities“ went down from 25 to 11. And that although I have put a lot of efforts not to forget anything.

I would say I was aware of around 2 thirds of the nodes I missed: these are mostly private streets that nobody has set right in OSM and there are GPS drifting, dangerous street or wide street issues too. Still, despite many hours checking everything, there are quite a few missed nodes (#deadends) I was not aware of and the hard mode now gives me a chance to complete my map. That’s the good part.

The bad part is that it will mean tens of runs to catch just 1 or 2 nodes each time in areas I was not supposed to go back to.

I don’t know yet what will win: the need to fix these new red nodes on my map or the ambition to complete more streets ASAP. Still, I prefer to know that I am not as far as I thought so thank you @JamesChevalier.


And adding to Marty’s response, since there was previously a total of 11 nodes, you probably had taken 10 of them, so you were at 10/11= 90.9%, which showed as Completed. So the three removed nodes meant you slipped down…

Ah that makes sense, and looking at these, i think a bunch of them I had hit 90% of the street during my initial upload, so I just never knew the street was there.

Yes, i was wondering how come I missed a few nodes in places where I was running and checking Node hunter all the time. But now I realize that those streets with missed nodes were already above 90% when they were first imported into CS, so I never thought of checking them again

I’m also interested in how we can get back to “normal”. I already clicked and I realized that I don’t have the nerve and will to look for those missed nodes. Now that I clicked that I don’t want “hard” mode, I have an additional 70 streets unfinished.

Maybe a bit of a dumb question, but where do you enable this? I can’t find it, is this an exclusive supporter feature?

Bottom of Settings page