Greenways and Parks

Are you familiar with the East Coast Greenways project?

Running is more fun when it’s beautiful and scenic. The East Coast Greenways project is creating long paths of scenic beauty dedicated to bicycles and pedestrians. It largely follows old Route 1, and often appropriates old railroad lines.

I think it would be very cool for this project to make it possible to complete all the parks and greenways in a city in the same way it recognizes when you’ve done all the streets, and with extra kudos for doing all greenways in multiple cities and the connections between them. I might even try to go all the way from Maine to Florida.

Just an idea.

What does everyone else think?

I like the idea. It sounds similar to our discussion on trails, such as the New England Trail or the AT. The ECG would just need to be plotted and then entered in accordance with whatever structure was set up.

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