Duplicate streets on Activity Completed/Progressed

It may be a problem with my area, but some streets get duplicated on the Activity views, but others are only shown once.
They are not duplicated on the other views.
Example Aspern Grove:

Your first link is to the main homepage of citystrides. Can you provide a link to the exact activity you ran it on that shows it duplicated? The link should look like Marga Roffel's Activity on November 6, 2016 - CityStrides. You can get it by from the citystrides homepage, at the top it will list your recent activities, click on the desired activity tile. Copy that web address and paste here.

Also the activity has to be visible for others to see. Looking at your profile it looks like you have all your activities set to private. To make that one activity visible, when you are on the activity’s page, on the left select the purple edit button. Change the Share activity with: setting to Everyone and save.


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@paul_t_allen, I can’t see your activities to check but I’m fairly sure this will be because Camden is ‘nested’ in another city - ‘Greater London,’.

When there are multiple instances of a particular street name appearing in different London Boroughs you need to run all of those individual instances to complete that street name for ‘Greater London’ but running it in Camden will complete Camden’s version.

So when you see a street duplicated in your completed street list for an activity it means that that street is unique to the Borough so you have completed both the Borough verion and the Greater London version ( as they are the same thing).
If a street appears only once in your completed list, it is because although you have completed that street in Camden there are other streets with the same name elsewhere in Greater London which you haven’t completed so you don’t get the credit for completing the Greater London version.

This also affects the ‘completed street’ count for any given activity. If you click on completed streets for an activity and count the unique street names listed, you’ll see it’s more than the number displayed on the completed tab as the number displayed is a count of only the streets that were completed for both the nested and parent cities.

I’m not sure if the above affects all nested/parent cities as @JamesChevalier was trying to fix this last year:

so maybe London got missed.

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Hiya Paul! Camden is nested in Greater London, so a lot of streets appear twice if they have the same name as one in a different borough. If you click ‘go’ on the GL version of a street, it will show you all the instances.

For instance, London Road has many different ones: London Road in Greater London, England - CityStrides (as an aside, I’m impressed that some users have completed all of them!)

Aspern Grove only seems to be in Camden though Aspern Grove in Greater London, England - CityStrides, so not sure why that has appeared twice for you. Perhaps that is a bug.

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