Display length of streets on city page

But first, is CityStrides able to determine/calculate the length (mi/K) of “roads”? Hint: The answer is in the last paragraph of this idea.

If not, then this idea won’t work… Unless things have changed.

Backstory: Today I was on Bursey Road in Keller, TX.

I know this road is extending beyond Keller city limits, and its underlying issue.

But as I looked at all those red nodes, outside city limits, I wondered, “How long is Bursey Road?” How far am I going to have run, to complete this street?

I know there is the scale at the bottom of the map, but I don’t know how many thousand foot (at this zoom) pieces there are.

Here’s my mock-up of the idea, and the city/road in question:

FYI, I used Google Maps for the distance of the part of the street in question. All of Bursey is actually even longer, but this is the “Keller” part. I’d be OK with the distance of the (shown) nodes, since that is what will need to be run/walked/hiked.

This might also tie into this idea, Total miles in a city idea, from which I leaned that, at the moment, CityStrides does not know the lengths. :frowning: So I guess that puts a big hole in this idea.

Oh well, thanks for reading.