Deleting an old run on purpose to enable new runs

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Good morning.
I completed all the streets in my city in 2022.
I would like to start afresh without deleting my account. I thought that deleting the January 2022 runs would give me a number of incomplete streets again to run in 2023. So I deleted 10 runs from january 2022.
This is what happened:
I get 60 incomplete streets in my profile. Ok.
*if i click on them, i see 100% complete and only blue nodes.
*if I rerun some of those streets, I get 0 completed streets.
*Next day, these streets are still marked incomplete.
Example: Barteljorisstraat.

Is it better to delete my entire account and create a new account? Or are there other possibilities?

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I advise handling this by creating a Challenge with start/end dates: Challenges - CityStrides

When you delete activities, your account is reprocessed to see if streets are still complete via other activities. This would be most visible in areas where you frequently run.
If I visit the activity you linked, and then click on the LifeMap button, and immediately zoom back into the activity’s area (basically stopping it from zooming way out), I see that this area has been heavily active. So whichever streets that deleted activity completed were just reprocessed to give the credit to the next-newest activity that passed through that area.

I also do not advise deleting your account for this purpose. When you sign back up, it will import your full history again which will put you back in the same exact position.

Hi James,
Thank you for your prompt response.
Let me in advance apologize for maybe being too direct, a trait we Dutch seem not to be able to get rid off.

The point is that, yes indeed, I have run these streets often. That might be the reason behind my first remark.
But now these streets are listed as incomplete, and when i run them again, they stay incomplete.

Please look at Barteljorisstraat, at the picture I just inserted. I have run that yesterday, but still incomplete. Not even progress, so not an issue of just missing a node. The same goes for another six streets that I ran yesterday.

The challenge option you mention, I suppose that is in supporter mode? I terminated that mode when I completed all the streets in Haarlem last year, but it might be worthwhile to investigate that. But first I want to get mij incomplete streets back to complete (by running them). Do you think that is possible?

Kind regards,

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Ah! Thanks for clarifying - I understand now.
I believe I’ve sorted this issue out for your account.

I haven’t resolved the underlying issue, though, so I do expect that this issue will happen again if/when other activities are deleted. I’ll try to remember to post here after I resolve that. :sweat_smile:

@ellystroocloeck You might like this idea: Running a city multiple times

Sounds like a match.

PS. Spent quite some time in Utrecht. I enjoyed that time greatly.

Thank you Eric,
Yes indeed this is the same idea!
Great referral, I will get in touch.
Regards, Elly

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Hi James,
About the challenge option:
What should my challenge be, given that all my streets are already complete?
It will not count completed streets I guess?
I do not understand how I can rerun my streets this way.
Regards, and thanks again for looking into my runs.

Dated Challenges are completely isolated.
When you create a Challenge and set its dates e.g. Jan 1 2023 - Dec 31 2023, it only tracks activities within that date range. It completely ignores everything else outside of that date range. So, your previously (prior to Jan 1 2023) completed nodes/streets do not play any role whatsoever in the Challenge.

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Got it. I do need supporter status to use it, I guess?

Correct, Challenges are only available to paid accounts because of the extra costs associated with them. I do run some free featured Challenges, like the AMSAP & Global Running Day & Nodevember, but those won’t help with your re-run idea.

Oh, I just realized one other detail - you don’t have to set an end date to the Challenge. So if you’re just looking to rerun a city without an exact timeframe (only ignoring older data), that would probably be a better setting for you.