Running a city multiple times

Throw this nerdy idea out there.

Obviously we can track our progress on the first run of a city…but how sweet would it be to see what we need to do for round 2?? Of course you could do this over and over again forever!

I know you can filter by a date range to kind of fake this but if instead you could toggle a city to see what you need to run every street a 2nd time that could be fun. Round 2 could start right after you hit 100% (meaning you would have to rerun everything even if you ran it twice already) or you could simply just see what nodes/roads have been run twice or not. Most people are forced to run stuff twice on the way to their first completion (especially out and backs) so maybe you wouldn’t count a street ran twice in the same activity.

You could then add a layer of competition on who has run their city the most times!
Anyways I think this would be fun mostly because sometimes I don’t want to drive 20 min to do new streets and I could instead focus on redoing local stuff on those days with a new goal.

Like I said you can try to fake this by using the date filter but its not a native implementation and you can’t use things like node hunter or see what roads you have left. Maybe this is all too complex and processing intensive but I figure I would throw this out there because it was on my mind.

I’m in the same situation and would really, really like to get a repeater badge for something like this!


I think for supporters, this feature is already available as a personal challenge where you set a start date and a city.

If you a supporter, check it out:

It isn’t automagic like you are talking about right after you reach 100%, but it fills the gap.

It also doesn’t include the “most times to run a city component” which I think might be pretty cool

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Cool idea. Last year I moved to a smaller town, far from any other city in CS. If there was a repeater badge, I would be tempted to start my new home town over again.

I like the idea. What about after unlocking a 100% in a city, it becomes a challenge to complete the city within each calendar month (independent of year)? This is similar to the White Mountains Grid (48 4000 footers, climbed in the 12 months = 576). Your existing runs would count. Each street in the city would have to be run in each month and it’d be cumulative.
It may be difficult on the back-end because you’d have to filter based on dates (Jan 1 to Jan 31 of each year) to calculate % and unrun nodes, but it would add some additional variety for a much longer timeframe - I have some streets that aren’t fun to run, so when i get to 175%, it’d going to be a slog again. If instead it was tracked on a calendar month timeframe, there’d be a slightly different completion requirement based on my history and I could see progress and run streets 12 times (once a month) and still see progression before I have to run those horrible streets again.

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I’ve been thinking of something just like this… but a rolling window. The leaderboard could change based on a rolling prior 365 day period. Each day, the runs from exactly 1 year ago fall off and no longer count. I think the processing of percentages could be a challenge… but throwing it out there.
Along with this could be warning with a list of streets that are less than 30 days from expiring and you have to run them before the previous run expires. This also brings up the idea of an almost “heat map” where the lines fade or change colors as they near expiration.

Separately from this is the idea that the leaderboard for 100%-ers could be based on the lower amount of time that the city was completed in… like if I did my city in 278 days, but someone else did it in 259 days, they’d be ahead of me.

Lots of possibilities to make the fun continue in the same city.

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These are cool ideas too. I like the idea of holding the record for how many days it takes to finish a city with the ability to try and beat your own (or others) time.

In the end I think we are looking for cool ways to continue engaging with citystrides once we finish the nearby stuff. I will always drive once or twice a week to a new spot to pick up new roads but on the other days would love to find ways to gamify my more local roads again.

I think the reason I like the idea of number of completions is that I can compete against others but also just do it for myself. I like stuff where you can compete against yourself and others at the same time.


I was thinking about this a little more.

I think the tricky part comes into play with running a city multiple times is when new streets are added. How does that affect the original completion? Maybe whenever you hit 100% you get some sort of completion credit (with date) that shows even if it drops lower.

I think ideally for a 2nd round you would reset the nodes you need again for that city. However if new streets are added you probably still need a way to see them for round one to get back to 100%. Maybe there is some sort of dropdown that lets you see missing nodes from different rounds on the city page and the default behavior is the same for the rest of the site. The UI would basically be unchanged for people that have no completions and only give you more options after you finish it the first time on the city page.

If there are new roads added it shouldnt affect your first completion because based on that timestamp you ran all the roads that existed at the time. However the overall percentage in leaderboard should still reflect reality but also show the users completion counts. 99.8% (2 completions).

The city page could include metrics for most completions, the first person to complete the city and when as well as a leaderboard on those that ran it the quickest (how many days for completion)

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Yes that would be fantastic!

I tried to do that by deleting my January 2022 runs, with the idea I could rerun the incomplete streets that showed up. Indeed, streets showed up, but after running them, they stayed incomplete. Auch!

James fixed the streets manually for me, but I’m still looking for an easy way to rerun, and next year again.

Hope your idea is followed up by James & the team!


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