Delete account

At this moment I have 2 Citystrides accounts.
One is connected to my Garmin (a free account, no supporter), and the other one is connected to my temporary Runkeeper account for which I became a supporter. I used the last account for my EverySingleStreet challenge which I started in January, and now I completed my challenge. So I would like to use Citystrides for my ‘normal’ Garmin-account so I can see all my activities in CityStrides.

What I want is to delete the first account (the free one), and I want to connect my Garmin to the supporter account. I tried to connect the supporter account to Garmin, but then that account was changed to a not-supporter account.

How can I change the input from Runkeeper to Strava, and keep that as a supporter-account?

It’s going to take me a little bit to write up steps, but I want to get this out there first & quickly:
Do not revoke access from any service. That will delete your data here in CityStrides and make my life very much more difficult. :smiley:

I’ll write up my suggestion(s) and post here again when I have something for you. Thanks for your patience!

Did you already found a sollution?

@JamesChevalier If you have a solution, let me know as well. I also have two accounts. I use my primary supporter account, which is connected to Garmin primarily. But I also have one, that I tried to connect to Strava. This was a mistake, I didn’t know it would create an extra account.

I’ve noticed a running buddy of mine has two accounts too. He is currently 10th and 11th in Keller, TX →