Create cumulative distribution charts for Leaderboards

Description of idea

I think it would be super interesting to have cumulative distribution charts for each of the leaderboards.

I picture the y-axis being the percentile (from 0-100%) of users at each point along the x-axis (based on country/region/city filters), which would be whichever statistic is selected (streets/cities/countries).

Potential additional features

  1. add a prominent marker for where on the distribution the active user is
  2. add tracking lines that follow the mouse-over when over the chart, showing the y- and x-values for the active point on the line (active stats can appear on axes or as data label that tracks mouse)
  3. display the user count (#) in addition to the percentile (%) on the y-axis OR have a toggle to select if y-axis is percentile or user count

Potential data management
(to reduce working with 3mb of data every time the chart is touched)

  • selectively pull only X% of the data from the leaderboards to populate the chart
  • with almost 50k users, as little as 1% should make a pretty tidy chart

Benefits of this feature

  • Statistics are cool! It would be fascinating to see how people across the world use the site
  • There’d be no need to manually (but helpfully!) compile what this distribution looks like
  • You could quickly get a sense for how many streets (/cities/countries) you need to add to climb the leaderboard

I had a similar idea, but using a histogram of runners by street count instead of the cumulative distribution.
Using histograms would allow for a couple of cool features:

  • select min and max of range → allows focusing on those runners +/- a certain distance from own ranking
  • select bucket size → zoom in to individual runners or see the big picture

What I would personally like to do with this is to generate a line where my own street count is in the middle, and everyone +/- 100 streets of me on the line, so that I can see if I’m getting chased or how many streets I need to catch those in front of me.

I really like this idea - I’m often looking to see who is ahead and how far ahead they are. It would also be cool to see how many streets they have run in the last “x” weeks to see if they are actively striding or not