Hyperlink statistics on profile to leaderboards

Description of idea

We now have our own world stats on our home page. It would be neat to have a hyperlink directly to the leaderboard incorporated in each statistic that could be clicked.

Potential additional features

  • Instead of just hyperlinking to the first page of the leaderboard, it could link straight to the page where the active user sits on the leaderboard

Further details

  • I think “Global Rank”, “Percentile”, and “Streets” statistics would all lead to the same place; the Street Leaderboard (which could eventually include a percentile plot)
  • “Cities” and “Countries” should both lead to the leaderboard toggled to their respective stat
  • As “Regions” are currently available on the leaderboard (that’s a separate idea), either add no hyperlink, or direct to the “Country” leaderboard


  • There’s currently no way to quickly see who is above/below you in global stats; this would take you straight there
  • Would be a tight way to navigate within the site
  • And… the statistics look so much like they should be clickable to me :laughing: