Cities at 0% Complete

I noticed on my stats today that I have a couple of cities showing 0% complete. I thought that these got removed in a previous update but can’t find when/where on the forums. Has something got knocked out in the code?

One example is Austhorpe, England - CityStrides. Previously I had completed a single road that goes along the boundary which is no longer showing so I assume that this is the cause as I did have a % complete before and now it has gone (although for life of me can’t work out what has changed on the road to now exclude from CS - rest of record on the unnested record Selby Road - CityStrides)

Yeah, the city update process likely removed the street you completed … but I don’t have any code in place to remove in-progress streets. I figure it’s a small enough edge case to shrug away for now.

The fact that you had a street get un-marked as completed, and then not get reprocessed to be completed again … means that it either added new nodes that you haven’t completed, or it didn’t properly reprocess your account.

I feel like there’s been a bit more strange behavior around progress calculation & city updates lately. I’ll be taking look at all this soon.

Thanks James

I think I have now sussed why the road dropped out of CS. The stretch that I ran is labelled as trunk and I can see that in the overpass query this is now excluded. I know there was a debate on this previously as in UK a lot of roads are correctly labelled as trunk but are runnable The Trouble with Trunk Roads.

At the same time I can see that the boundaries were changes in OSM 9 months ago which would shift this specific road into a different sub-city (if it were included).

Agree a definite edge case and was very much a curiosity rather than a city I care about for my current stats!